Celebrating All the Superhero Moms on Mother’s Day!


Being a mom is arguably the hardest—and most rewarding—job in the world. For moms who are the primary caregiver for their disabled child or adult child, there’s no argument. It is the hardest job in the world and it is the most rewarding. For these moms, caregiving is their superpower!

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the superhero moms by caring for her as much as she cares for her family. Here are 10 suggestions for making Mom’s Day a great one:

1. Tell her how much she means to you—out loud. Dads, siblings, friends or relatives can help verbal children practice a small speech or story or song that tells Mom how much she is loved. Non-verbal children can use their communicators to do the same.

2. Make her something. Handmade gifts are the best—even just a handprint on a piece of paper with a sweet sentiment will be treasured.

3. Give her time to do what she wants to do. Read a book, go for a walk by herself, get a manicure or take a nap. Time off for caregivers is essential to their well-being.

4. Make her a healthy meal. Moms tend to do all the cooking so here’s a chance to give back. Each family member can help to the best of their ability (adapted tools like our Pouring Cups can make meal prep accessible).

5. If the weather’s good, take Mom outside. Set up her favorite chair in the sun and entertain her with silly play, like bubbles or finger painting.

6. Hire an extra hand for the day to relieve Mom of some her caregiving responsibilities.

7. Make Mom laugh! Laughter is the best medicine, they say. Laughing releases endorphins, releases stress and decreases tension, according to the Mayo Clinic.

8. Remind Mom of her accomplishments. Make a list of life’s victories, big and small, that have happened over the past year.

9. Arrange for Mom to have a little vacation. Research respite care programs in your area or ask family members and friends to come in for a day or two so Mom can get away.

10. Give her the gift of relaxation—a massage, a subscription to a meditation app, a yoga class or spa day—whatever she likes to do to wind down.

And most of all, give Mom big hugs and kisses! Happy Mother’s Day!