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  • Book TalkerSKU #1506
    Any book can talk! Place our thin 16-position flat switch array inside the back of any book and record the story. Original Price: $168.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • In-line Direct has four message squares and plays one of the 5-second messages when you press the corresponding square. Original Price: $199.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • ChimalongSKU #2208
    We’ve adapted this award winning xylophone with eight color coded switches to match the notes of each musical tube. Original Price: $422.95  FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Foot MassagerSKU #3024
    Relieve your tired, aching feet with our Foot Massager. FINAL SALE, NON-RETURNABLE
  • Gel PadsSKU #7100W
    Tactile sensations! We’ve selected three fantastic Gel Pads which contain disks that can be moved from one area or target to another. Original Prices: $40.95 to $92.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Super cute! Have lots of fun driving Hello Kitty around. We’ve created a large, easy-to-activate remote control with three buttons. Original price: $109.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Lego SwitchesSKU #1687W
    Compact play area and a switch! The slightest touch on this plate switch will activate any adapted device. Original Price: $72.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Palm ComSKU #3068
    Multi-use communication! A great communicator that can be used many different ways – in the palm of your hand, clipped to your belt, or attached to your refrigerator or wall.  Original Price:  $99.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Blast off and experience tactile, visual and auditory fun. Original price: $181.95, FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • UFO StarshipSKU #1704
    Fantastic sensory stimulator! Exploring this starship is lots of fun. Original price: $114.95. FINAL SALE. NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Whoosh! These fun and colorful switches attract all kids and get them to reach out and interact. Original price: $84.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.