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Our Philosophy

While other companies mass-produce their products overseas and only manufacture the most profitable items, we at Enabling Devices subscribe to my late father, Steven Kanor’s philosophy: “If an item is someone’s only entry point into the world, we’ll keep selling it.” For example, though we sell no more than 30 eye blink switches per year, we continue to make them available. It matters to us that our customers who rely on them continue to have access to them.

Because of our production methods and philosophy, the cost of manufacturing and adapting relatively small quantities of toys and devices at our New York headquarters can be high. We also realize that when you buy our products you are making a significant investment. So, here’s what we pledge in return: Enabling Devices will produce high quality products, manufactured in America by our own highly trained and highly dedicated technicians. When they malfunction, we will do our best to repair them or we will replace them. Additionally, we are committed to providing guidance, advice, personalized instruction and service to our customers. We welcome your calls, emails, questions, concerns and feedback and as always, we are supremely grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

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Enabling Devices specializes in creating customized one-of-a-kind assistive technology devices to meet the unique needs of our customers. Do you, your student, client, or family member have a specific need but can’t find the right product? Call our product development team at X320, we may be able to work with you to design just the right item!

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Customized Products

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