We’re on TV!


Friday, December 8, was an exciting day at the Enabling Devices offices in Hawthorne, New York. Emily Young, a reporter for News 12 Westchester, and her team came to visit us to learn more about the products we make for children and adults with special needs. And just by chance, one of our local customers came by to pick up an item. So Ms. Young was able to chat with her and understand how Enabling Devices’ products make a difference in the life of an individual with disabilities.

Karen Hobbert’s son Luke was born with a rare chromosomal deletion that left him nonverbal and with the mental capacity of an infant. He requires a wheelchair and 24/7 care. We know Luke well! He has visited us before to try out different toys and he has modeled for our catalog.

Luke has an enchanting smile that we get to see when he plays with his favorite toys. Mom Karen told Ms. Young that Luke used to be a sullen child who couldn’t activate a toy the other kids can. Until she found us and discovered that switch-adapted and specialized toys were available that Luke could activate on his own. It changed his life!

“They’ve allowed him to be like a regular kid who wants to play with toys,” Karen told Ms. Young, “and just the joy he gets from playing these toys, it’s just amazing.”

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