Choose from a variety of switch enabled adapted Boom Boxes, CD Players, MP3 Players, Remote Controls and Computer accessories. Allows people with disabilities to control and enjoy their music, TV and computers.


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  • We’ve adapted this portable boom box two different ways – one version operates with batteries only, the other operates with AC adapter only.
  • Air MouseSKU #4301W
    Control your cursor with our hands free-mouse. Simple to use and easy to install, the mouse responds to head movements and switch activations, enabling the user to right and left click, lock on and off.
  • Equipped with five easy-touch switches that turn on/off, track forward/back, play/pause, control volume and change mode, our audio center contains everything you need to enjoy your music and operate other Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Book TalkerSKU #1506
    Any book can talk! Place our thin 16-position flat switch array inside the back of any book and record the story. Original Price: $168.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • CD Boom BoxSKU #393
    Whether they favor rock, rap, jazz or country, our switch-adapted boom box will keep the tunes coming.
  • Everyone’s a DJ with this  adapted device that makes controlling the boom box possible for users with visual impairment, blindness and limited mobility!
  • CD WalkmanSKU #342
    Our portable switch-adapted CD player lets them take music wherever they go.
  • Our wireless mouse interface can be used for cursor movement or for computer switch access.
  • Our large button keyboard is high quality and is perfect for all low vision computer users.
  • Picture this! A switch activated shutter control interface for taking photos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod camera!
  • It’s a learning partnership. A teacher, therapist or parent moves the mouse around the screen and the user activates their switch to choose the selection he wants.
  • iPad Connection Kit for Jamboxx #2211.
  • There’s a switch interface for that app! Just connect your switch and access hundreds of compatible apps.
  • “Appiness” is … the ability to control hundreds of compatible apps on a Bluetooth-equipped electronic device!
  • Now everyone can create and play music with this hands-free, breath-powered musical instrument. See full description below.
  • Heavy-duty, table top microphone stand for the Jamboxx (#2211) bracket.
  • 360-degree sound with this ultra-portable compact sized speaker. Original Price: $38.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #2214 SUCTION SPEAKER
  • Save 8%
    Portable CD Player with RadioSKU #3414 - On Sale until 11/30/18
    Let the music play with our adapted CD and radio combo.
  • This stylish, adapted CD player allows users to start and pause tracks with every switch activation.
  • We've adapted this fabulous water resistant speaker for your iPhone, Android smartphone or Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Our switch activated remote module makes TV viewing easy and convenient even for users with impaired fine motor coordination.
  • It’s a learning partnership. A teacher, therapist or parent moves the wireless mouse around the screen and the user activates their switch to choose the selection he wants.
  • This oversized remote works perfectly for those with impaired motor coordination who require a large (2-inch) striking area.