Hundreds of unique products for people with disabilities – switch adapted toys, communication devices, sensory devices, adapted electronics, ability switches, products for the visually impaired, and more.


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  • This switch-adapted remote activates most devices from up to 20 feet away.
  • 2" C-ClampSKU #2033
    Clamp a toy or a device to a table using this clamp.
  • This kit comes with 8 Velcro stickers as well as a sticky back magnetic sheet for those users who want to put food icons on refrigerators or other metal surfaces.
  • This kit contains 8 black icon holders and comes with Velcro stickers as well as a sticky back magnetic sheet.
  • Ideal for more advanced communicators, this lightweight, durable, portable unit has six levels and room for 192 three-second messages.
  • Created for the visually impaired, this state-of-the-art communicator illuminates icons so they are easier to see. Packed with tons of features including four modes of scanning.
  • A wonderful option for users who need a large target area, this 60-square inch communicator has four 3" x 5" plate switches, can be positioned at a 30 or 70-degree angle and requires only gentle pressure for activation.
  • Our joystick is great for the user who needs to access multiple switch adapted devices.
  • A progressive communication device that grows with the user, this four-level communicator is equipped with five interchangeable frames. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Specially designed for the visually impaired, this state-of-the-art communicator has 12 levels, scanning capabilities and large brightly illuminated targets that make it possible to see, select and activate messages.
  • Our best-selling progressive communication builder grows along with you. Start with one message and grow to sixteen.
  • Actively engage users in their daily schedule. Our bestselling wall communicator is an effective picture and talking scheduler. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Everything at your fingertips! We have created a complete assessment kit for Speech Therapists.
  • Elephants never forget, and neither will the children who play with this multipurpose adapted toy! Elefun teaches ABCs, first words, numbers, shapes, colors and opposites playing 75 sound effects, tunes and activities to make learning fun and exciting.
  • ABC ElmoSKU #2135
    Join in with Elmo as he sings the alphabet song.
  • Activity GymSKU #2319
    One toy—so many ways to play! This versatile and interactive toy offers five different activities as well as music, flashing lights and a mirror! To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Activity MatSKU #3975
    Soft, portable and hygienic, this padded mat is the perfect surface for exploration, play and practicing new skills.
  • Our easy-to-use switch adapted scissors make class participation and craft activities possible for even the most profoundly impaired. Note: Base color may vary.
  • Create colorful designs and patterns with a press of your switch.
  • Tend to your garden with this adapted watering device that easily attaches to any wheelchair.
  • Gear up for fun and innovation with this exciting adapted toy! Eleven interlocking gears spin, flip and mesmerize when you activate your switch.
  • Everything you need for your Classroom or Music Therapy group! Music therapy is often used to accomplish individualized goals and to strengthen physical, psychological, cognitive and social functioning.