Adaptive Tools for Occupational Therapy

Products to teach Activities of Daily Living and therapy tools for Occupational Therapists to use with students with disabilities. Adapted Pouring Cups, Switch Activated Scissors, Writing Tools, Timers and Schedulers.


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What Are Adaptive Tools for Occupational Therapy?

Also known as assistive devices, adaptive tools for occupational therapy help people with disabilities learn activities of daily living (ADLs). During occupational therapy, an occupational therapist uses adaptive tools to teach someone with a movement disability how to do everyday tasks. Adaptive occupational therapy tools help the person learn how to do these actions in a way that works for their abilities.

Who Uses Adaptive Equipment for ADL Training?

People with mental and physical disabilities, and those who support them, use assistive occupational therapy equipment. Both children and adults with disabilities can take advantage of the adaptive features of these devices. Different groups use these tools inside and outside of occupational therapy:

  • During occupational therapy: In an occupational therapy session, the person with a disability uses adaptive equipment with coaching from their occupational therapist. A caretaker or assistant might also help.
  • Outside of occupational therapy: A person with a disability who learns how to use their adaptive tool successfully might use it outside of their occupational therapy sessions. Some types of adaptive equipment can help someone perform ADLs in their everyday lives.

How Do Adaptive Tools Help People Learn ADLs?

Adaptive training tools help people with disabilities learn and perform ADLs by bridging the gap between their abilities and the activity. They make it easier for someone with a disability to practice an ADL so they can apply it to life at home, school and work.

Types of Training Tools Available From Enabling Devices

At Enabling Devices, we offer a variety of occupational therapy training products, including:

  • ADL assistance devices: Our ADL assistance devices directly help with everyday activities such as crafting, cooking and gardening.
  • Appliance control units: An appliance control unit lets someone with a disability activate an appliance using an interface compatible with their abilities. Some of these devices work with adaptive switches to make them accessible for many people.
  • Hand therapy accessories: Hand therapy accessories help people in occupational therapy perform fine motor activities with their hands.
  • Handwriting practice tools: Our handwriting practice tools make the writing process more ergonomic for comfortable learning.
  • Pagers, call bells and buzzers: With a buzzer or pager, a person with a disability can send an alert to someone else or receive an alert. These products include options for people with and without hearing disabilities.
  • Timers and schedulers: Time trackers and timers help some people with disabilities manage their time and get a better grasp on its passage.

Custom Products Available on Request

If you need a specific adaptive device but don’t see it on our website, ask us if we can make one for you! We have an in-house team that manufactures most of the products we sell, and they have the knowledge to custom-make adaptive tools and toys. Our experts will work with you to meet your adaptability goals. For more information about our custom options, contact our product team.

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Explore our inventory to find occupational therapy tools for a wide range of people with different abilities. For more information about our products and pricing, create an online quote or request a catalog today.