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More than a dozen Special Needs Classroom Kits for every disability need – ADHD, speech and language communication issues, autism, sensory, visual impairment, cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities, and more. Disability assessment kits also available.


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  • Everything at your fingertips! We have created a complete assessment kit for Speech Therapists.
  • Everything you need for your Classroom or Music Therapy group! Music therapy is often used to accomplish individualized goals and to strengthen physical, psychological, cognitive and social functioning.
  • Teachers and therapists recognize that play is essential to child development and well-being. All ten of the bestselling adapted toys in this classroom kit teach important skills.
  • ATL BundleSKU #4089
    This carefully selected goody bag filled with five of our newest and most popular adapted toys and five of our bestselling switches will teach students valuable lessons about cause and effect, increase their visual and auditory attention and much more.
  • Teachers and therapists who work with students on the autism spectrum will find invaluable tools for their classrooms and offices in this 12-product kit.
  • Relax and get ready for bed! Our three piece bundle will help lull your child to sleep.
  • Three vehicles! This Bundle has three fun toys that change direction every time they bump into something. Great for teaching cause and effect, tracking and directionality.
  • Three fun action toys available at a reduced price.
  • Three fun adapted toys now available together at a reduced price.
  • In consultation with special educators, speech therapists, and assistive technologists, we’ve assembled this carefully curated kit of communication devices.
  • Our complete kit comes with a variety of fidget tools designed to meet the sensory needs of every student in the class and comes with a handy carryall for storage and portability.
  • Our Switch Kit includes nine of our most versatile switches.
  • This complete communication package comes with everything you need to help students’ grow their vocabularies and develop their language skills.
  • This essential kit ensures that every student in the class, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, can access technology and participate in classroom learning and activities.
  • Stock up the art studio with these popular items at a reduced price.
  • It’s a plush toy family reunion! Our plush animal kit provides five cuddly friends and five switches that meet the diverse needs of every child in the class.
  • Stay entertained with three of our most popular adapted devices.
  • Design hundreds of fun activities to develop fine motor skills with these nine engaging products.
  • Want to engage your teen in fun and age appropriate fine motor activities? This kit is the answer!
  • The gangs all here! Students will spend many happy hours playing with the five plush animals in this classroom kit.  Also included are seven different types of switches.
  • Three fun musical toys now available together at a reduced price.
  • A fabulous kit that includes everything for the VI student. We've now added three of our newest communicators.
  • Light Box KitSKU #3114
    Our Light Box Kit contains a unique set of materials that can be used to develop awareness of light, color, and objects. The lighted white work surface of the Light Box provides a high contrast background.
  • Get classroom communication started with our basic communication kit. These best-selling communicators will make classroom participation and social interaction possible for students with communication challenges.