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  • 2047N.2019.rev
    A fabulous kit that includes everything for the VI student. We've now added three of our newest communicators.
  • Light Box KitSKU #3114
    Our Light Box Kit contains a unique set of materials that can be used to develop awareness of light, color, and objects. The lighted white work surface of the Light Box provides a high contrast background.
  • Get classroom communication started with our basic communication kit. These best-selling communicators will make classroom participation and social interaction possible for students with communication challenges.
  • Outfit your space with these four popular multisensory devices.
  • Sensory Kit.rev
    Sensory KitSKU #3125N
    We have created a sensory kit with 12 different products that promote self calming, balance, and increased body awareness (proprioception) for users with a variety of sensory needs.
  • 4077 regular
    Four fabulous sensory products at an affordable price!
  • Everyone in your classroom will want to experience the dazzling lights and exciting music.