• Gooshy Switch w/L,V&M
    Save 10%
    Gooshy Switch with Lights, Vibration and MusicSKU #636 - On Sale until 5/31/22
    You’ll gush over our Gooshy Switch with Lights, Vibration, and Music! This soft, squishy, sparkly pillow it enables users to reap any or all rewards with the touch of a switch.
    $139.95 $125.95
  • Soft Shaggy Switch
    Save 11%
    Soft Shaggy SwitchSKU #3133 - On Sale until 5/31/22
    Irresistible! No one can help reaching for this textured switch that activates devices with the gentlest touch.
    $93.95 $83.95
  • Save 12%
    Super Bumpy SwitchSKU #736 - On Sale until 5/31/22
    Improved design! The right choice for those who crave tactile stimulation, this bright yellow switch will activate all your toys and devices.  This product is also available at a discounted price if you order it as part of our Switch Special Offer - #736W
    $59.95 $52.95
  • Switch & Glow
    Save 10%
    Switch & GlowSKU #894 - On Sale until 5/31/22
    Improved design! They’ll love the feel of our neon stretchy noodle switch almost as much as they’ll love what it does!
    $99.95 $89.95
  • Textured Orbit Ball Switch
    Save 10%
    Textured Orbit Ball SwitchSKU #887 - On Sale until 5/31/22
    This colorful unusually textured ball inspires tactile exploration. Touch it and be rewarded with glowing rainbow lights, music and subtle vibration.
    $139.95 $125.95
  • Light-touch tactile switches activate with the slightest movement.
    $38.95$135.95 $34.95$121.95
  • Save 10%
    Textured Roller SwitchSKU #639 - On Sale until 5/31/22
    This special roller switch provides pleasing tactile stimulation that will make users want to roll it again and again.
    $167.95 $150.95
  • Save 10%
    Textured Saucer Switches (Set of 3)SKU #722 - On Sale until 5/31/22
    These sturdy yet super-responsive textured switches provide terrific tactile sensations while they activate any of your devices.
    $199.95 $179.95