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    Adapted Music KitSKU #4063N - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Everything you need for your Classroom or Music Therapy group! Music therapy is often used to accomplish individualized goals and to strengthen physical, psychological, cognitive and social functioning.
    $1,739.95 $1,565.95
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    Adapted Play KitSKU #4061 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Teachers and therapists recognize that play is essential to child development and well-being. All ten of the bestselling adapted toys in this classroom kit teach important skills.
    $1,459.95 $1,313.95
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    ATL BundleSKU #4089 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    This carefully selected goody bag filled with five of our newest and most popular adapted toys and five of our bestselling switches will teach students valuable lessons about cause and effect, increase their visual and auditory attention and much more.
    $489.95 $440.95
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    Bump n Bubbles RobotSKU #2253 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Users will have loads of laughs making this goofy computer geek spin, bump and turn when they activate their capability switch. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below. This product is also available at a discounted price if you order it as part of our ATL Special Offer - #1207W
    $60.95 $49.95
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    Classroom Communication KitSKU #9037 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    In consultation with special educators, speech therapists, and assistive technologists, we’ve assembled this carefully curated kit of communication devices.
    $2,099.95 $1,889.95
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    Classroom Switch KitSKU #7803N - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Our Switch Kit includes nine of our most versatile switches.
    $749.95 $674.95
  • Learning language is tons of fun with our exclusive compartmentalized communicators. Each compartment has space for objects and frames for photos or icons. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
    $150.95$222.95 $150.95$199.95
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    Cuddly Cousins & Switches KitSKU #4078 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    It’s a plush toy family reunion! Our plush animal kit provides five cuddly friends and five switches that meet the diverse needs of every child in the class.
    $519.95 $467.95
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    Desktop Busy BoxSKU #3009 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    This compact-size busy box will provide hours of fun and multisensory stimulation. Spin the cube and discover diverse tactile experiences.
    $159.95 $149.95
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    Fuzzy Friends & Switches KitSKU #4064 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    The gangs all here! Students will spend many happy hours playing with the five plush animals in this classroom kit.  Also included are seven different types of switches.
    $519.95 $467.95
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    LED FanSKU #2133 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Stay cool and be entertained with this extraordinary adapted fan that’s also a light show!
    $59.95 $53.95
  • Mesmerizing! Turn an ordinary room into a calming sensory space. These five rechargeable LED Light Illuminators change color using all the colors in a rainbow in turn or just choose one color.
    $89.95$179.95 $85.95$179.95
  • Put-Em-AroundsSKU #9012W
    Users can be part of the conversation wherever they are with these unique wall communicators!
    $95.95$799.95 $86.95$799.95
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    Quick Start Communication KitSKU #9024 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Get classroom communication started with our basic communication kit. These best-selling communicators will make classroom participation and social interaction possible for students with communication challenges.
    $896.95 $807.95
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    Ring Around BellsSKU #2202 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Our bestselling Ring Around Bells is excellent for music therapy and classroom music time.
    $249.95 $239.95
  • Sound PuzzlesSKU #9033W
    Few toys offer more opportunities for interactive learning than our colorful wooden sound puzzles.
    $64.95$242.95 $64.95$229.95
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    Textured Carousel Busy BoxSKU #2241 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    The possibilities are endless with this versatile toy that addresses a range of learning challenges while entertaining for hours!
    $264.95 $249.95
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    Therapeutic BallsSKU #9085 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Our 22-piece set includes balls of all sizes, textures, firmness and colors to provide an array of visual and tactile sensory experiences.
    $149.95 $134.95
  • Twin TalkSKU #1405W
    Encourage self-expression with this simple yet versatile communicator.
    $129.95$355.95 $117.95$355.95
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    Visual Light Experience KitSKU #4075 - On Sale until 9/30/18
    Everyone in your classroom will want to experience the dazzling lights and exciting music.
    $979.95 $881.95
  • Wrist TalkerSKU #3037W
    As easy to wear as a watch, this basic communicator records one 10-second greeting.
    $59.95 $54.95$59.95