Quick Start Communicator Kit 2023
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Quick Start Communication Kit


Get classroom communication started with our basic communication kit. These best-selling communicators will make classroom participation and social interaction possible for students with communication challenges.

Weight: 8 lbs.

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Improve Classroom Communication

Our Kit for communication includes:

  • Small Talk Sequencer (Yellow) #8151Y: Small but mighty, this compact communicator has single, sequential and random message capability. It offers 300 seconds of recording time and can record up to 250 messages! Perfect for story and joke-telling, singing and much more.
  • Big Talk Triple Play (Purple) #4202P: This model also provides random, single and sequential messaging, 300 minutes of recording time and four levels. It’s an ideal solution for telling stories, playing games and more. Activate it with a separate switch or use it to activate other devices.
  • Mini-Com #9151: Mini-coms are ideal for encouraging fundamental communication and gradually building skills. Each features a holder for icons, words or pictures and up to 20 seconds of recording time. Combine them for expanded capabilities.
  • Talkable 3 w/Built-in Icon Holders #2401: Talkable 3 promotes communication of up to three ideas at once. The model features three buttons and accommodates three 5-second messages. Enjoy battery operation and easy-to-clean plastic coverings.
  • Twin Talk #1405: This communicator is ideal for those new to the technology, and it teaches skills to build upon with future devices. It’s capable of two 10-second messages and offers simplicity for easier use. Make basic requests, sing, create sound effects and more.
  • Put-em-Arounds (2) #9012: These wall communicators are perfect for locating throughout the home or classroom. They support 20-second prerecorded messages for sharing ideas. Mount them directly with the hardware we provide.
  • Print It! Icon Maker #4069X: Our Print It! Icon Maker allows you to print the relevant icons you need. It’s compatible with many communication devices included in the kit, plus PCs and Macs. Customize yours with up to 300 color icons and templates.

NOTE: Icon images shown are not included. Because of supply chain challenges, you may receive an item of equal or greater value and functionality as a substitute.

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