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Classroom Communication Kit


In consultation with special educators, speech therapists, and assistive technologists, we’ve assembled this carefully curated kit of communication devices.


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Communicators for Nonverbal Students

As many teachers know, school is more than a place to listen to lectures and read books — it’s a place for students to practice communicating, expressing their ideas and interacting with peers. Communication goes hand in hand with learning throughout a person’s education, from elementary school to the college classroom.

Though many people take communication for granted, some individuals struggle with speech and other elements of social interaction. As a teacher, you want to include all your students in activities. To include nonverbal students, you have to keep your classroom stocked with assistive technology.

At Enabling Devices, we know that communicators allow nonverbal students to get the most out of their education, which is why we’ve compiled a classroom communication kit to help educators serve the students they care so much about.

How Can The Classroom Communication Kit Help?

In consultation with special educators, speech therapists, and assistive technologists, we’ve assembled this carefully curated kit of communication devices. These communicators foster independence and social interaction and facilitate communication throughout a student’s day.

This kit includes everything you need to help nonverbal students engage with the rest of the class. It consists of both simple and progressive communicators to build communication skills, promote social interaction with peers and allow independence, all of which are essential to a student’s development and satisfaction.

With a variety of communication devices to choose from, nonverbal children and adults can communicate in the modes that suit them best. Encourage and improve interaction using our talking photo album.Mount single-message communicators around the classroom to engage all students in alternative communication. You can even use the included icon-making software to print icons related to the day’s lessons.

Who Would Benefit From a Classroom Communication Kit?

Many students benefit from speech-generating devices. Nonverbal students rely on this technology to participate in class, and students who can use verbal speech but sometimes struggle to do so could also benefit from technology inside the communication kit.

Student populations that can benefit from access to communicators include:

  • Nonverbal students
  • Those on the autism spectrum
  • Students with Down syndrome
  • Students with cerebral palsy
  • Individuals with communication disorders
  • Those with other disabilities impacting speech

Our Classroom Communication Kit can serve students with a variety of complex communication needs, making it an ideal bundle for special educators and speech therapists alike. Speech therapists can use the Classroom Communication Kit to assist them in assessments and in choosing the appropriate communication device for a particular client.

Benefits of Buying a Kit Instead of Individual Devices

Investing in a Classroom Communication Kit can help teachers serve their students with complex communication needs. Buying a kit of communication tools can help you save money and time. With these essential devices selected by experts, you can spend less time searching for the right tools and more time focusing on teaching your students.

At Enabling Devices, we’re dedicated to helping people of all abilities reach their goals. With more than 40 years of experience in the assistive technology industry, we have experience developing devices that work for people of varying ages and ability levels.

If you’d like to bring the power of communication to the nonverbal students in your classroom, consider purchasing our Classroom Communication Kit, and feel free to reach out to us for more information on facilitating interaction among people with diverse abilities.

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