Sip, Puff & Mouth Switches

Sip and Puff Switches and Mouth Switches are perfect adaptive switches for people with severe physical impairments. Sip & Puff allows you to control two devices with one ability switch. Just sip on the tube to activate one device then puff on it to activate the other.

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  • Additional filters for the Sip and Puff Switch #970 and the Grip and Puff Switch #700. Comes in a Set of 6.
  • Extra StrawsSKU #960-S
    Accessory for Sip and Puff Switch #970 & Grip and Puff Switch #700. Comes in a Package of 20.
  • Perfect for those with severe mobility challenges, this pneumatic switch is activated by a gentle squeeze of its vinyl grip or by puffing on its mouth tube. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • These brightly-colored tubular grips (only) are easily interchanged with our Grip and Puff switch #700.