10 Must-Have Items for Spring!

Blog: Spring break at home

If you’re feeling energized by the coming of spring, you’re not alone. Warmer weather, more daylight, the return of birds, flowers and greenery are just some of the things that motivate us to get outdoors in spring — the season of renewal.

What to do when you get out there?
Enabling Devices has put together a list of toys, and other products that will make your time in the sun, brighter than ever!

1. Big Water Toy #9000
Big Water Toy is great fun and provides a wonderful tactile sensory experience in any season, but when you can take it outdoors, you get all the fun without the mess!

2. Pouring Cups #20
Pouring Cups aren’t just for cooking. Take them outside and experiment with different materials—sand, water, pebbles, flour, sugar—whatever strikes your fancy.

3. Misting Fan #2134
This switch adapted fan emits a fine mist of water to keep youngsters cool, while increasing sensory stimulation and teaching cause and effect.

4. Fubbles Fun-Finiti Bubble Machine #2337
This bubble blower will be a huge favorite! Thousands of bubbles soar to the sky when you sustain pressure on your capability switch. Or use without a switch for continuous bubble action.

5. Portable Light-Up Sand Table  #3222
Can’t get to a beach? Bring the beach to you with this mini, portable sandbox. Fill this acrylic box with sand (included) or water or just use as a light box. It’s lightweight and travel friendly for hours of play, wherever you go.

6. Weighted Blanket #3941W
Spring weather can be unpredictable. Take along one of our weighted blankets to stay warm while your child also benefits from the sensory integration, increased attention and focus that this special blanket provides.

7. Fiber Optic Lamp w/ Bluetooth Speaker #3198 
It’s time for a dance party! The fiber optics turn any day or night into a party. LED lights illuminate the night and are cool to the touch. It connects with any Bluetooth device for just the right music for the mood—jazzy, quiet, rock and roll—your choice!

8. Portable CD Player #3414
Outings to the park, beach or pool are even better when you bring along your favorite tunes. Our portable CD and radio player can be activated with a capability switch.

9. Space Shuttle R/C #5060
Blast off with this replica of the NASA space shuttle, adapted with an easy-to-grab, easy-to-use joystick remote for out-of-this-world fun and learning.

10. Adapted Garden Spray #9083
Spring brings out the gardener in almost everyone. Our Adapted Garden Spray is designed with a wand that’s easy to attach your wheelchair.

Happy Spring!