The Perfect Gift for People with Disabilities

Young Girl with Christmas Present next to a Christmas Tree

How do you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list? It starts by reflecting on the unique likes, dislikes, interests and talents of each family member, friend and colleague. To simplify the process, Enabling Devices has created a system to help you to match gift recipients with the perfect gifts.

For the music lover
Make all her favorite sounds accessible with our CD Boom Box (#393). On sale through Dec. 24, this switch adapted device is equipped with a CD player, AM/FM radio and cassette recorder. If music performance is his thing, give him the Bongo Drums (#756). This two-drum set produces great sound providing hours of entertainment!

 For the multisensory learner
The Peek-a-Boo Mirror (#348) engages visual, tactile, and auditory senses with its mirror, music, lights, and vibration! A great toy for independent or group play. The Mini Dome (#72) is another great choice for multisensory play. This toy increases auditory, visual and tactile attention while teaching cause and effect.

For the visually impaired learner
One of our most popular toys and learning tools, the Visually Impaired Activity Center (#520) has the same features as its original sibling, but its bright blue tactile plate, pull-ball, and textured bright yellow oval plate makes it accessible to users who are visually impaired. The Musical Light Box (#200) helps to teach visually impaired users to identify shapes and objects, practice writing skills and create arts and crafts.

For the sensory seeker
Starry Night (#9117) provides calming sounds and twinkling stars to light up your room. Listen to birds, brooks, ocean waves and rain. Our Somatosensory Tube (#402) rewards the user with glowing lights, gentle vibrations and soothing music when you move the tube.

For the aspiring communicator
Beginning communicators will enjoying telling jokes, greeting friends or singing songs with the simple, easy-to-use Big Talk (#4200W) communicator, while more advanced communicators will find new ways to express themselves with the Cheap Talk 8 – 6-Levels (#2391W). This best-selling communicator has space to record 48 five-second messages on six levels.

For the artist
The Adapted Color Spinout (#3822) is a wonderful gift for creative people who enjoy making colorful designs and patterns with the press of a switch.

For the cuddler
Not only is the Vibrating Seal (#9300) cute and cuddly, he also gently vibrates. Floppy Bunny (#150) is almost as much fun as having a real pet rabbit. Just activate his capability switch and Floppy hops and wiggles his nose.

For the water lover
Children who enjoy water play will love Bubble Bandit (#2254) whose silly mouth blows bubbles galore! The Jellyfish Lamp (#3286) provides an exciting spectacle: two life-like jellyfish that float and sway in the water when you activate your switch.