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Music Machine Set


Everything you need to start a fully inclusive band, this set includes cluster bells, maraca, jingle stick and wood frog guiro rasp.

Size: 9"L x 6½"W x 4 1/8"H

Weight: 1¾ lbs.

Battery: 8 AA

Requires switch

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Warranty: 3 Months

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Music Machine

Children and adults with disabilities tend to discover and interpret the world differently than those without special needs. With adapted toys like our music machines, these individuals can interact with their environments in a way that makes sense to them. From special education classrooms to adults and children with physical and cognitive disorders, anyone can enjoy our melodic music machines. These adaptive devices come equipped with four different instruments and offer a wide range of developmental benefits.

At Enabling Devices, we believe that everyone deserves to have fun. That’s why we provide a wide range of tools, toys and devices that enable people with disabilities to learn, communicate and enjoy themselves.

Music Machine Features

Everything you need to start a fully inclusive band, this set includes cluster bells, maraca, jingle stick and wood frog guiro rasp. Attach one of the musical instruments onto our striking musical stand, activate the switch and the machine will beat to any preset rhythm at any speed you choose. These devices are a wonderful way to join in music time.

Our music machines come equipped with two holding arms. One of these arms holds a small stationary instrument while the other moves up and down and can hold an instrument that makes sound when shaken, like the cluster bells.

An adaptive switch is necessary to operate our musical devices. With a wide array of switch options that cater to various sensitivities, sizes and textures, you can choose the one that works best for your child, student or patient.

Benefits of Music Machine Sets

Music machines help people with disabilities develop skills through music. Playing adapted instruments can help individuals improve:

  • Communication: Users with nonverbal communication can use music as a means of relaying their feelings, and playing music even increases auditory development.
  • Motor function: Instruments encourage users to tap into their motor skills. Those using adaptive switches can also improve their coordination and understand cause and effect.
  • Self-expression: Individuals can understand themselves by discovering their music tastes and selecting songs that they enjoy.
  • Social interaction: When users play music among friends or family, they learn how to coordinate music with others, share instruments and interact with their peers.

Order Your Adapted Musical Instruments Today

Experience the power of music with our adapted music machines. At Enabling Devices, we help individuals with disabilities enjoy a more positive and fulfilling lifestyle with interactive devices that enable them to achieve their goals.

Check out more of our adapted musical instruments or contact us with any questions!

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Q How heavy and strong is this device? Could it hold multiple instruments?
    Asked by Anonymous user on August 7, 2019 9:14 pm
    A No this item is made to hold one small stationary instrument as shown on the product page. The second holding arm moves up and down and could hold something like a drumstick.
  2. Q Can you control how long the beat continues for? For example, could you set it to play at 100 BPM for two minutes? (Thinking about ways to have my students with multiple disabilities participate in school concerts!)
    Asked by Anonymous user on August 24, 2018 9:54 am
    A You could try using a switch latch timer No. 605 unit with your switch. This will run the Music Machine for up to two minutes with each switch activation. You would then need to adjust the speed control to get the BPM right.