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  • Elephants never forget, and neither will the children who play with this multipurpose adapted toy! Elefun teaches ABCs, first words, numbers, shapes, colors and opposites playing 75 sound effects, tunes and activities to make learning fun and exciting. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #3105 LEARN & DANCE ZOO
  • Create colorful designs and patterns with a press of your switch.
  • Gear up for fun and innovation with this exciting adapted toy! Eleven interlocking gears spin, flip and mesmerize when you activate your switch.
  • Join in music time or circle time by simply activating your capability switch.
  • Aqua DomeSKU #1691
    This unique device uses water, lights and music to create a soothing, multisensory experience. To operate, activate your switch and observe a soft rainbow of changing lights glimmering through gently flowing water.
  • Army BearSKU #9314
    Activate your capability switch and this bear’s head sways and mouth moves while he sings “The Army Goes Rolling Along”. Original Price: $55.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #1132 CAPTAIN SALTY & PEPPER
  • ATL BundleSKU #4089
    This carefully selected goody bag filled with five of our newest and most popular adapted toys and five of our bestselling switches will teach students valuable lessons about cause and effect, increase their visual and auditory attention and much more. *Item #148 Butterfly is currently not available, using #4084 Shelly Seahorse as a replacement.
  • Buy any three of these bestselling adapted toys for a reduced price. (All Toys also available individually)
  • Acoustic? Electric? Hound Dog? It’s your choice with this versatile, switch adapted guitar toy. Activate one switch to hear 20 familiar tunes, the other to hear nine “puppy-themed” songs.
  • Baa Baa BabySKU #4379
    Activate your switch and this cute baby lamb toddles along bleating while shaking its head and wagging its tail.
  • Baby PugSKU #3929
    Baby Pug yips and moves back and forth when you activate your capability switch. This product is also available at a discounted price if you order it as part of our Plush Toy Special Offer - #904W
  • Activate this circular unit’s built-in switch and watch its multi-colored balls spin around in their compartments! While the unit rotates, listen to four lively tunes and enjoy the spectacle of its bright flashing lights! Original Price: $294.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • BarneySKU #5126
    Barney, the loveable purple dinosaur, is soft and cuddly.
  • Big Bite AlSKU #1073
    Very huggable and super cute
  • Equipped with five easy-touch switches that turn on/off, track forward/back, play/pause, control volume and change mode, our audio center contains everything you need to enjoy your music and operate other Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Bongo DrumsSKU #756
    These drums are the real deal! They’re high quality, produce great sound, are made from animal hide, and can be tuned with an attached key. PLEASE NOTE: This item ships Ground only.
  • Bubble BanditSKU #2254
    To say this bandit has a bubbly personality is an understatement! Just activate your switch and this mischievous fella blows bubbles galore! To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Blowing bubbles is even more fun when it’s done with a “Paw Patrol” themed adapted bubble blower.
  • Bubble ManiaSKU #2286W
    They’ll have crazy amounts of fun with this simple yet amazing toy. Just activate a switch and the bubble machine produces oodles of bubbles. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Three vehicles! This Bundle has three fun toys that change direction every time they bump into something. Great for teaching cause and effect, tracking and directionality.
  • Users will have loads of laughs making this goofy computer geek spin, bump and turn when they activate their capability switch. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #2236 DORY BUBBLE BLOWER
  • Let this colorful duo entertain you with their lively rendition of “Hot, Hot, Hot!” when you activate your switch. Original Price: $60.95. FINAL SALE – NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Save 13%
    ChihuahuaSKU #3928 - On Sale until 4/30/19
    Loyal and loveable, this darling pup barks, walks and wags his tail when you activate your switch. This product is also available at a discounted price if you order it as part of our Plush Toy Special Offer - #904W
    $44.95 $38.95
  • Chow Chow Dog It’s Chow time! NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #9301 LOVELY SHIH-TZU