Domes, Glitter Rolls and Pins

Our adapted sensory toys for kids with disabilities contain many fun features, perfect for stimulating minds during playtime and encouraging development. Fun, switch-enabled toys filled with glitter that play music and vibrate, such as adapted glitter rolls and music toys for individuals with special needs, are fun-filled and interactive. Each feature bright lights and glitter, audible music and vibrating physical stimuli to create multiple layers of engagement.

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Adapted Domes, Glitter Pins and Rollers for Children With Special Needs

Every special needs child will want to reach out and play with these exciting products,¬†and they’re great for special education classroom and OT practices.¬†At Enabling Devices, we design and manufacture several switch-adapted sensory toys, including stationary devices and a tumbling glitter pin for something everyone will want to play with.

Benefits of Adaptive Sensory Toys With Glitter

Adapted dome toys for special needs students provide multiple sensory stimuli for enhanced play. The glitter in the toys provides visual benefits, while the vibrations give students something physical to focus on. These toys that play music also provide auditory stimulation, so students can get full advantages from our toys.

Who Benefits From Adapted Glitter Rolls and Dome Toys?

We design products and toys that enable people with special needs to participate in more activities. These toys encourage interaction with the world through a multi-sensory experience. Each includes unique stimuli engineered to teach, creating fun experiences parents, caregivers and other adults can enjoy alongside adults and children with disabilities.

These adapted dome toys for children with disabilities are suited for adults or children of any age, with power switches designed to encourage independent operation. Those who can also benefit from our products include:

  • Adults and children with special needs:¬†We know how challenging it can be to find toys appropriate for children with special needs, let alone those made specifically for them. Our designs are engaging, creating a fun and interactive playtime experience parents, siblings and other family members can enjoy and use to grow together.
  • Special needs classrooms:¬†Apply our adaptive sensory toys as learning tools, with adapted domes, pins and glitter roll toys for the special education classroom. These devices promote more than play, teaching reasoning, cause and effect, and a wide range of developmental skills through the use of music, lights, vibration and more.
  • Occupational therapists:¬†Incorporate adaptive sensory toys into therapy sessions as tools to lead speech, physical and cognitive development for people with disabilities. We work directly with occupational therapists, speech therapists and other licensed professionals to create the best learning toys for stimulating growth.

How to Use Dome, Glitter Rolls and Pin Toys to Teach and Build Skills

Adapted devices make productive education aids for anyone living with or caring for adults or children with disabilities. For over 40 years, we’ve consistently created new products to help people achieve measurable goals. Use our domes, glitter rolls and other designs to teach valuable skills to people with special needs and help them build on their foundation. Our products make excellent tools for teaching and developing:

  • Cause and effect:¬†Whether through music, lights, glitter or vibration, our interactive and responsive devices help people with special needs develop meaningful connections between cause and effect. For example, our mini dome features multiple switches, each leading to different stimulating rewards.
  • Visual skills:¬†Help someone with special needs develop and improve their visual perception and attention span with an appealing and engaging multicolor dome, glitter roll or pin toy. Our accessible devices are excellent for building focus and increasing depth perception.
  • Auditory development:¬†We design adapted domes, pins and glitter rolls for adults and children with disabilities with solutions for stimulating all the senses. Several of our devices play music, while others have beads, glitter and other loose objects creating a range of sounds for developing auditory skills.
  • Motor functions:¬†Our toys are made for heavy interactive use, with options available for mounting to a door or wall. Our devices motivate users to reach around for and engage with switches, strengthening their motor functions.

Order Innovative Adapted Toys Online

At Enabling Devices, we’ve been inventing, designing and manufacturing unique products for people with special needs since 1978. We were the first company to produce adaptive devices, and today we carry the largest variety of adapted devices online, including adapted glitter roll toys for special education classrooms, as well as other¬†adapted toys¬†and¬†sensory products. If you see something a person in your life could use but needs modification, please reach out. We can customize our products or design something new based on your requirements.

Our adapted devices make perfect learning accessories equipped with music, lights, vibrations and more for lasting entertainment. Be sure to complete your devices with the right switches for operation. For help placing an order, or to speak with someone about creating a custom toy to suit your needs, please call (914) 747-3070.