Domes, Glitter Rolls and Pins

Adapted sensory toys for kids with disabilities. Fun switch enabled toys filled with glitter that play music and vibrate. Every special needs child will want to reach out and play with these exciting products. Great for special education classroom and OT practices.

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  • Aqua DomeSKU #1691
    This unique device uses water, lights and music to create a soothing, multisensory experience. To operate, activate your switch and observe a soft rainbow of changing lights glimmering through gently flowing water.
  • Glitter PinSKU #1695W
    Uniquely designed, this sensory toy has three compartments full of multicolored beads. As they tumble, feel gentle vibration, see colored lights, and hear music! To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Bright lights, dazzling glitter and lively music make this one of our most exciting capability switches.
  • Potpourri of sparkling shapes will tumble as the sweet-sounding music plays.