Morgan’s Wonderland Opens Two New Attractions

Morgan Camp

In the past, the Enabling Devices blog has reported on fully accessible and inclusive attractions Morgan’s Wonderland theme park and Morgan’s Inspiration Island water park. Both located in San Antonio, Texas, the parks were envisioned and developed by philanthropist Gordan Hartman, who wanted intellectually and physically disabled children like his daughter Morgan—now 28 years old—to enjoy amusement and water parks just like their peers.

This year, Hartman continued to honor his daughter with the opening of both Morgan’s Wonderland Sports and Morgan’s Wonderland Camp. Morgan’s Wonderland Sports is a fully inclusive sports complex that accommodates adapted basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, football, pickleball and tennis teams. The 8,000 square-foot complex and stage will also host performances and fundraisers. Additionally, the facility will be administrative headquarters for Special Olympics Texas’ annual games.

Soon, Morgan’s Wonderland Sports will launch adaptive programs for wounded veterans, open playtime sessions and an inclusive sports program for athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Morgan’s Wonderland Camp is the first of its kind, providing children with disabilities and their families the opportunity to have authentic camp experiences in an environment designed to meet all their needs. The 102-acre San Antonio property will accommodate 525 campers and staff members beginning in 2022.

Unlike traditional summer camps, Hartman’s camp will operate year-round. The camp will offer family weekends and be available for use by partner nonprofit organizations and for company retreats on weekdays. Early registration is highly recommended as sessions fill up quickly. Since Morgan’s Wonderland Camp is nonprofit, individuals with disabilities who register directly through the camp will receive free tuition. Other family members pay just $150 per person/per weekend.

“Morgan’s Wonderland Camp constitutes another of the world’s greatest places for inclusive, barrier-free recreation” said Hartman in a press release. “It features more than 20 major elements including ziplines and a challenge course like none other. Special adaptations enable those with special needs to enjoy these thrilling attractions just like everyone else.”

The Morgan’s Wonderland Camp property is outfitted with 20 fully accessible cabins with bathtubs, shower stalls and refrigerators. Its water features include “a large activity pool with beachfront entry, a warmed pool for hydrotherapy; a splash pad with a water tower; and a river.”

Other attractions include two accessible ziplines; a nature center; horse stables; a sports pavilion for basketball and volleyball; an arts and crafts center; wheelchair accessible bicycle trails; climbing walls and much more.

Best of all, campers and families can feel secure knowing that Morgan’s Wonderland Camp has a 4,500 square-foot medical facility that operates 24 hours a day.

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