Special Education Classroom Necessities Part 2 – Circle Time

Student with Special Ed Teacher using Big Talk Triple Play during Circle Time

The second installment of our series on outfitting your special education classroom will focus on toys that enhance young students’ experiences with “circle time.”

The importance of circle time cannot be underestimated. According to Judith Colbert, Ph.D., reporting for Earlychildhood News.com, “circle time fosters a sense of community.” What’s more, circle time has great value to participants regardless of their developmental level, verbal or physical capabilities.

“…Each child, regardless of ability, can experience a feeling of belonging to the group during circle time,” writes Colbert in Earlychildhood News.com’s Ask the Experts: “Circle Time: A Tool for Supporting Children’s Development.”

During circle times, children also practice listening, communication and socialization skills. Enabling Devices develops communication devices and adapts many toys that are ideal for facilitating these skills during circle times. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites:

Big Talk Triple Play (#4202W)
Our sequential communicator allows a child to be the day’s leader during circle time. Multiple recordable messages allow the student to introduce the day and date, review the weather, and say good morning to everyone in the circle. Great for encouraging children with speech impairments to participate in classroom activities.

 Lighted Vibrating Mirror (#358-M)
Children love to take turns looking at themselves and then passing this multisensory mirror around the circle. Designed with two handles so it’s easy to grasp, the mirror offers visual and tactile stimulation while it encourages grasping and increases hand and finger strength.

Music Machine (#703)
Another great option for circle time, our music machine includes a variety of instruments including cluster bells, castanets, jingle bells and drum sticks. Just attach whatever instrument the class chooses, add a single switch and give each child an opportunity to make beautiful music. Great for developing auditory skills, teaching cause and effect, as well as music appreciation, this toy is ideal for children who cannot grasp instruments on their own for long periods of time.

Ring Around Bells (#23)
Let each child in the circle take a turn making this switch-activated toy’s colorful, precision-tuned bells twirl and play the musical scale while its multicolored LEDs blink. This toy encourages listening and grasping and increases eye hand coordination, all while teaching children to appreciate music.

 Bongo Drums (#756)
Equipped with two capability switches, our bongo drums can be played by two children in the circle at once. Pass it around so that every child has the chance to practice sharing, cooperation and listening skills while learning cause and effect and music appreciation.

Vibrating Animal (#9300W)
Is one child in the circle having a hard day? Our vibrating animal will help him to relax so he can attend to whatever’s being taught during circle time. Alternatively, pass the vibrating plush bunny rabbit or seal around the circle so that everyone can enjoy the tactile stimulation and calming effect of holding this soft, cuddly friend!