• enabling accessibility

    As a SLP and AT Professional, Stefanie O seeks to create accessible environments for her students.

    William, her student, loves to interact with toys....ability switches make all the difference!

  • enabling interaction

    Finnegan, a valued member of his class, loves working with switches and activating sound devices.

    The Talkable IV allows him to interact with his peers.

  • enabling learning

    Special Education Teacher Rachel M. loves showing her students what they can achieve.

    Her student Krissy loves storytime, coloring and singing.

  • enabling exploration

    Create Your Own Affordable Sensory Space

    Our Free Design Services make your Sensory Room ideas a reality. Learn about the numerous benefit...

  • enabling connection

    A typical teenager, Luke enjoys hanging out with his friends.

    Our Big Talk Communicator makes it easier for him to interact with his friends and family.

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