• enabling joy

    Shaun loves going to school especially Fridays when he has music therapy.

    His classroom has dozens of adapted musical instruments; the switch activated drum is his favorite.

  • enabling fun

    Mia loves her school's sensory room. She enjoys interacting with the changing lights.

    She gravitates toward the vibrant color-changing fiber optic sprays and bubble tubes.

  • enabling connection

    A typical teenager, Luke enjoys hanging out with his friends.

    Our Big Talk Communicator makes it easier for him to interact with his friends and family.

  • enabling learning

    Nicholas enjoys working at his classroom's SMART board and completing puzzles.

    He loves interacting with musical toys . The the Inter- changeable Textured Rollers is a favorite.

  • enabling independence

    Shinai is a typical teenager who enjoys dancing, nail polish, and anything pink!

    Her favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez who she can listen to on our CD Boom Box #...

  • enabling exploration

    Mateo loves to go to school as evidenced by the big smile on his face every day.

    He enjoys playing with remote control cars and easily shares with his friends.

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