iPad Wireless Sw new version iPad Wireles Two Switch #1167
iPad Wireless Sw new version

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“Appiness” is … the ability to control hundreds of compatible apps on a Bluetooth-equipped electronic device!

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“Appiness” is … the ability to control hundreds of compatible apps on a Bluetooth-equipped electronic device! Available with one switch or two, this essential item features large target areas for easy activation; accepts one or two of your own capability switches; has four modes for additional functions; works through Bluetooth 4.0 for simple pairing; has a range of over 50 feet; and acts as a regular capability switch for other switch-adapted products. One switch size: 5″Diameter. Weight: ¾ lb. Two switch size: 12½”L x 5″W x 1¾”H. Weight: ½ lb.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A If you are using a switch friendly App. One that is made for switch use, then switch control must be turned off under the accessibility setting on the iPad. If not the switch will not control or work withing the app. If you are trying to use an app that is not meant for switch use then you must have switch control on and setup your switch to tell the iPad what action you wan the switch to do when it is activated. You can watch step by step video setup on switch control on YouTube.
  2. A No only one wireless switch at a time can be connected to an iPad. But all three models we sell the 1164,1166 and 1167 have input jacks for external switches. All support two switch access.
  3. A Are you meaning your iPad is not recognizing your switch? If so have you used this switch interface with another iPad in the past? If the switch you have is not the current generation, which has two power LED lights on the keypad , one red and one blue you will need to re-set the interface which is outlined in the user;s guide. Please contact tech support directly if you still have issues: 1-800-832-8697 Ext. 320.
  4. A In mode 5 you can do Play/Pause with a single switch and with a second switch the next track or video function. For more information please contact our Tech Support at 1-800-832-8697.
  5. A The current model does. future models will only work to iPad 3 or newer.
  6. A Not currently as the controls are on the bottom of the switch and it would prevent access to them.
  7. A It should work if the device has BlueTooth. Keep in mind it is not going to function like it does on the iPad. For the most part the iPad is looking for the SPACE and ENTER keys for switch apps. If that is what the app is looking for on the Windows 10 device it should work.
  8. A The #1166 is built into the iPad Wireless Two Switch #1167. Nothing else to buy.
  9. A No This has a rechargeable battery pack Not meant for consumer replacement. Try a different charging cord with the iPad AC wall charger. Sometimes cords go bad and then your device will not charge. Please call out Tech dept. for additional help 1-800-832-8697 Option #7 or via email
  10. A The answer has already been posted here in the FAQ.
  11. A It's main use was designed for the iPad. It will work with most Android tablets running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer through the use of switch control under accessibility settings.