6 Ways to Stay Occupied During the Latest COVID Surge

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This week’s blog was supposed be about accessible restaurants. But with the omicron variant of COVID-19 surging, we can’t in good conscience, advise anyone to eat at an indoor restaurant. With any luck, omicron will prove less dangerous than previous variants, and we’ll soon return to some semblance of normalcy. But for now, cozying up with our loved ones at home is probably the safest way to go.

In that vein, this week’s blog post will offer suggestions for using our toys, sensory items and electronics for family fun.

1. Game Night
Game night, or game day for that matter, is a great way to stay occupied. Enabling Devices’ adaptive games make it possible for everyone in the family to play. Some of our favorites include: Bingo; Adapted Pie Face; and Matching Picture Lotto Bingo.

2. Dance Party
Turn your home into a discotheque and take turns playing DJ. Our portable CD playerCD Boom Box; and Adapted Sony Boom Box with AC Adapter are all great options depending on your family’s particular needs. Or opt for live entertainment performed by family members using our Band Jam or Musical Snail. Our Lighted Musical Tambourine  makes it possible for anybody to join the band and doubles as a capability switch.

 3. Plan a Sensory Room
Talk about a fun project!  As described in previous Enabling Devices blog posts, Sensory rooms are spaces where children and adults can explore their environments through visual, auditory and tactile experiences.”

The sky’s the limit when it comes to developing a sensory space. That being said, you don’t have to have a ton of room or a ton of money to create a sensational sensory space in your home. When planning the space, start by considering the needs of your family and remember — everybody can find something beneficial in a well thought out sensory space.

A sensory space must be comfortable, so consider purchasing one of our Pea Pods or Beanless Bag Chairs. An Aura LED Projector will provide fabulous visual sensory experience. Light-up toys, like Charley Chameleon and Twinkle Buddy the Dragon, create a soothing atmosphere while the Fish Play Mat offers a wonderful tactile experience. Need some guidance? Enabling Devices’ staff are members are happy to help. You’ll find more information here.

4. Bake Cookies
There’s nothing like homemade cookies on a cold winter day. Everyone can help using our switch-activated Pouring Cups.

5. Water Play
Water activities offer terrific tactile experiences while also providing oceans of fun. Our Big Water Toy is a great way to play!

6. Arts and Crafts
Painting is a wonderful family activity. With our Swirl Art and Musical Swirl Art Kits everyone in the family can make a masterpiece. Our Creative Art Bundle provides even more possibilities for expressing creativity.