10 Plush Toys to Keep Your Child Warm and Cozy All Winter Long!

Young Girl in Wheelchair Playing with Bunny Rabbit Plush Toy

Psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott was the first to coin the phrase “transitional object” in 1951. What does it mean? Put simply, the transitional object is an item — usually soft to the touch and often a blanket, doll or plush toy – that serves as a bridge between a young child’s total dependence on his mother to his gradual dependence on himself. Often known as a security blanket or lovie, the young child relies on the object when tired, stressed or upset — think Linus and his blanket or Christopher Robin and his Winnie-the-Pooh. Transitional objects help children to negotiate their growing independence in a healthy manner.

Enabling Devices offers a wide selection of plush toys. These soft, cuddly and adorable “lovies” make great holiday gifts for the young children in your life. Here are some of our favorites:

St. Nick is ready for Christmas, but makes a great friend all year round. Equipped with his signature bag of toys, Santa comes with his own stuffed bear. Watch as the two stuffed pals sing verses to each other! (#9320)

When the weather gets cold, Walter the Dancing Snowman will make your child feel warm and cozy! ( #9322)

Ba Ba Baby: When a switch is activated, this cute, extremely huggable lamb walks, bleats and wags his tail (#4379)

Floppy Bunny is our bestselling plush toy who hops, flops his ears, moves his snout and makes bunny sounds. (#150)

ABC Elmo fans will delight in this adapted version of the beloved Sesame Street character who sings and says 14 fun phrases. (#2135)

Not only is Mother Goose sweet and cuddly, she also teaches children to recite nursery rhymes. (#9309)

Teach your child to appreciate the classics with our Sunshine Symphony toy. It’s colorful, lights up, and plays four classical or one lengthy lullaby. (#8069)

The adorable duo Captain Salty & Pepper entertain with a lively rendition of “Hot, Hot Hot!”. (#1132)

Give a hug and our Vibrating Seal will gently vibrate. So soft and cuddly! (#9300)

Laugh along with a Giggle Gang Pal! These adorable adapted buddies giggle for 3-5 seconds when you activate your switch. (#5120)

To see Enabling Devices’ full selection of plush toys, click here.

Happy Holidays to All!