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In April, the Perkins School for the Blind launched a brand new social media and public relations campaign to promote the inclusion of those who are blind and have low vision. The campaign, Blind New World follows a nation-wide survey conducted by the school that “revealed the four barriers to blind inclusion: discomfort, pity, fear and stigma.” The study also found that 80 percent of respondents feel sorry for those who are blind, 74 percent believe they could not be happy if they lost their sight and more than half don’t feel comfortable when in the presence of someone who is blind.

Ironically, campaign advocates insist that thanks to educational opportunities and technological advances, “there has never been a better time to be blind.” According to Blind New World, “The biggest obstacle isn’t blindness. It’s a world that can’t see beyond it.”

Inspired by Corinne Grousbeck, chair of the Perkins School’s board and the mother of a student at the school, the campaign aims to “break the barriers to inclusion and connection, and to prepare the world to embrace today’s highly capable blind population.”

Enabling Devices offers a wide range of toys, adaptable technologies and other tools to help children and adults with blindness, low vision or complex sensory and communication needs to be fully engaged in the world.  Here are some of our most popular products:



1. Visually Impaired Activity Center #520

Specially designed for the visually impaired, this activity center teaches cause and effect, provides tactile stimulation, encourages physical movement, improves auditory memory, teaches sequencing, color and shape recognition and plays music. This learning toy can be used in games such as I Spy, Simon Says, Seek and Find and Memory Game.

2. Shapes Puzzle with Braille #9041

Reach blind or visually impaired learners to recognize, match and name shapes using eight colorful tactile pieces with braille markings. This toy also teaches hand-eye coordination, fine motor and perceptive skills.

3. Tactile Symbol Communicator #4040

Ideal for people who are totally blind or dual sensory impaired. This communicator stores six messages on six levels for a total of 36 six-second messages. The user can touch one of six removable tactile symbols to communicate his needs. Included are tactile symbols that alert caregivers or therapists when the user needs to use the bathroom, is hungry, thirsty, finished or when something is wrong.


#2046Y Totally Tactile Communicator

4. Totally Tactile Communicator # 2046Y

This bestselling item helps users to communicate through their recognition of texture. With six levels for a total of 36 seven-second messages, this communicator also has adjustable activation time.

5. Bright Switch for the Visually Impaired #2045

This switch uses bright yellow lights, vibration and music to help those with low vision find it.

6. Braille games kit

Your child will be busy all day long playing games like chess, tic tac toe, UNO Monopoly, Scrabble and more!

7. Kit for the Visually Impaired #2047N

The whole kit and caboodle includes toys, games, learning tools, communicators and switches


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