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At Enabling Devices, we’re all about helping adults and children live and play more independently. To that end, we offer over 800 products that make it possible for people with a range of physical and cognitive disabilities to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing more for themselves.

Capability Switches
Enabling Devices offers more than 100 different types of capability switches —the widest variety in the marketplace. From our best-selling, ergonomically designed, super-sensitive Plate Switch to our most versatile of switches—the Ultimate Switch—to our high-quality dependable Gumball Switches, capability switches allow people with disabilities to interact with communication devices, therapeutic learning products, computers, appliances and toys!

The ability to express one’s thoughts and feelings and to converse with others is essential to independence. Our enormous selection of communication devices helps people with disabilities to communicate and serve as terrific teaching tools. From basic communicators such as the Big Talk which records and plays back one message to our Talkable II which records two messages and has built-in icon holders, to communicators that grow with the user’s vocabulary such as the 7-Level Communication Builder, there’s a communicator that‘s just right for you, your family member or student.

Adapted Electronics
Being able to access electronics without assistance from others is a critical aspect of independence in today’s automated world. Enabling Devices’ hands-free mouse, wireless switches and adjustable screen styluses, as well as a variety of CD players and boom-boxes, are just some of the tools that promote self-reliance and connection to the world.

iPad Products
iPads have entirely changed the landscape for all of us. For people with disabilities, their impact has been profound. Now, disabilities need not prevent people from accessing music, education, entertainment and an ever-growing choice of apps. See Enabling Devices’ Ideas & Resources page for a comprehensive list of our favorite applications.

Useful Household and Special Devices
These essential tools help people with disabilities to practice activities of daily living such as cooking, gardening, cutting, writing and can opening.

Visually impaired
Our large assortment of products especially for people who are blind or visually impaired enable them to increase their independence. Lightboxes, tactile communicators, toys and switches with bright lights, high contrast and auditory cueing are just some of the items we’ve created and adapted with the goal of enhancing quality of life for people with visual impairment.

Last, but certainly not least, Enabling Devices’ huge selection of adapted toys, mean that children with disabilities can play and learn just like their typically developing peers. Choose from games, plush toys, blocks, puzzles, activity centers, musical instruments and a wide range of multi-sensory toys that promote auditory, visual and tactile stimulation, increase listening skills, encourage music appreciation, and improve fine and gross motor functioning.

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