9 Halloween Ideas for Children in a Wheelchair

9 Halloween Ideas for Children in a Wheelchair

As the parent of a child in a wheelchair, you know how important it is to find an adaptive costume for Halloween. What is an adaptive Halloween costume? It’s a costume designed to be inclusive of all kids regardless of any medical or physical needs they might have. With this list of Halloween costume ideas for a child in a wheelchair, you can make trick-or-treating a blast.

Costumes You Can DIY

Feeling crafty? Try some do-it-yourself Halloween costumes this year.

Doctor Who

A wheelchair makes an excellent base for the iconic blue TARDIS. Make the TARDIS out of pieces of foam board to attach to the side of your child’s wheelchair. Your child can dress as their doctor of choice, like Matt Smith’s doctor with his bowtie and suit jacket.

Mr. Fredrickson and the House from Up

If you’re feeling creative, you can make the house from Up out of cardboard and attach it to your child’s chair. To pull off the Mr. Fredrickson look, you need a bowtie, cardigan and a pair of thick glasses. This costume can be excellent for the whole family with other characters like Russell and Kevin the bird.

Flower Garden

You may have seen store-bought flower costumes that feature daisy petal headpieces. A flower garden adaptive costume can take that idea to the next level. Attach lattice fencing around your child’s wheelchair and add a foam piece with fake flowers stuck through the center. Your child can wear a flower costume and suddenly they’re the biggest flower in the garden.

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

For those of you who are artistic and ready for a challenge, you can transform your child’s wheelchair into Toothless with carved styrofoam and electrical tape. When your child is riding through the neighborhood, they’ll be flying Toothless like a pro.

The Batmobile

Turning a wheelchair into the Batmobile is on par with the artistry of Toothless, but your hard work will pay off. Use cardboard, foam and electrical tape to make the design and get a Batman costume for your child to sport while zooming around the neighborhood looking for the bat signal.


For those who like to play Nintendo games, Mario is one of the best adaptive wheelchair costumes. Create a car based on the designs from Mario Kart and find a costume online for your child. This costume has plenty of options with all of the characters in the game, but Mario is one of the most recognizable.

Costumes You Can Buy

If you don’t want to DIY your Halloween costume, you can find some fantastic adaptive costumes online.

Buzz Lightyear

In terms of wheelchair costumes, Disney offers a few excellent ones. It sells an adaptive Buzz Lightyear costume with an open rear for wheelchair users. You can also find a wheelchair attachment that looks like Buzz’s spaceship for a full Space Commander setup that’s ready to go door-to-door.

Pirate and Pirate Ship

Costume destinations like Party City sell cardboard ship pieces to attach to your child’s wheelchair. Buy a separate pirate costume, and you have yourself a completed look for sailing the Seven Seas.


You can find adaptive Elsa costumes online that come with the dress and a wheelchair cover that looks like Nokk from Frozen 2. Order early to make sure you get the costume in time.

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