10 Father’s Day Gifts for Disabled Dads

Blog: 10 Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner. And if you’re still searching for the perfect gift for a Dad with a disability, we can help. We’ve identified a wide selection of gifts made especially for fathers with mobility challenges and other disabilities. Read on to find out what best suits your dear old dad.

 1. Apple Watch With Magnetic Band & Assistive Technology
We can’t think of many gifts that will make Dad happier than this accessible watch from Apple. According to IXD, the watch enables users with limited motor skills to control it with “various hand gestures.… it can be used to activate Siri (Apple’s voice assistant), use Apple Pay, access the notification center, control center, and the dock, swipe between screens, hold the side button, show the list of applications and tap the display.” Additionally, the watch’s haptic technology “assists users with hearing or sensory impairment by delivering haptic feedback [vibrations] for various notifications and interactions, such as incoming messages, alarms, and turn-by-turn navigation directions. The haptic cues are customizable, allowing users to distinguish between different types of notifications or to create a personalized vibration pattern for specific contacts or apps.”

2. Echo Show 10 With Assistive Technology
This device is a great choice for Dads with mobility challenges, low vision or those who are hearing impaired or deaf. As Trendable.com explains, the Echo Show 10 “is a game changer as it can rotate 360 degrees and follow your voice or command from all the way across your house.”  The device can also be used to listen to music and podcasts, set reminders, view and hear closed captioning and to control smart-house devices. The Echo even “has an extra-large ‘show and tell’ feature which helps blind and low-vision users identify pantry items simply by holding them up to the Echo Show’s camera and asking, ‘Alexa, what am I holding?’” Get it from Amazon.

3. Adaptive summer clothes
Does Dad need a spiffier wardrobe for the warm summer months? If so, why not get him a new shirt or sweater that’s easy to take on and off. Kohl’s adaptive clothing collection has “hook-and-loop closures, larger neck openings, reinforced belt loops that are sensory friendly and openings for abdominal access.”

4. Adaptive backpack or crossover bag
For the Dad on the go, Jansport offers adaptive backpacks and cross body bags in a variety of styles and colors that fit perfectly on the back of his wheelchair. The bags feature easy-to-adjust straps, accessible zippers; and large compartments.

5. Adaptive golf accessories
Is your Dad a major golf guy? If so, you might want to consider gifting him some adaptive golf accessories. Check out the Challenged Athletes Foundation to learn about hacks for disabled golfers such as swingless golf clubs,  teeing devices, gloves, grip devices and more.

6. Meal subscription
If your Dad finds cooking for himself a drag, a meal subscription may be the perfect gift. Nowadays, there are so many healthy options. Some of the highest rated include: HelloFresh, Factor, Eat Clean and Green Chef. This list from Forbes will tell you everything you need to know to make an educated choice.

7. Weighted blanket
What Dad wouldn’t appreciate a cozy weighted blanket to ease aches and pains and provide sensory stimulation? This one from Enabling Devices is just right.

8. Adapted knives
If Dad loves to cook but is hampered by impaired motor coordination, adapted knives will make his life happier and safer. Check out these high quality ergonomically designed cutting tools from The Wright Stuff.

9. Adapted CD player.
If Dad is a music lover, you can’t go wrong with an adapted CD player with radio from Enabling Devices.

 10. Personal Massager
Take the stress, aches and pains out of Dad’s days with a personal massager he can use whenever he needs to relax. With countless options at every price point, finding a massager that meets his needs and stays within your budget will be easy. You can start shopping here.