Ten Fun Activities with Switch Adapted Toys

Young boy playing with adapted bubble blower

1. Play Musical Chairs
Lead the group by turning an adapted boom box on and off with your switch. CD Boom Box #393

2. Make Art
Create a masterpiece using an adapted Swirl Art #380

3. Read a Story
Roll out a story using our Talking Magic Roller #1652

4. Wash a Toy Car or Sail a Toy Boat
Water fun is always appealing and our adapted Big Water Toy #9000 is a perfect contained spot for water play

5. Race Cars
Use two of our adapted remote control vehicles and race them side by side. Wheee-Mote Control Car #1439, Fire Engine #1546, RC Thomas #2115

6. Cook
Help to make a recipe using our adapted Pouring Cups #20 & #24

7. Play a Board Game
Test your strategy skills with our adapted Tic Tac Toe #949

8. Water Your Garden
Our Adapted Garden Spray #9083 makes it easy

9. Compete for the Highest Ball
See whose ball goes highest when activating your switch on the Tube Tracker #5061

10. Create Educational Games
Teach numbers, letters, colors or words with our adapted Game Spinner #4542

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