50 Ways to Use a Light Box

Use a Light Box as a Table for Eating:

  • Pour juice in a clear cup or bottle which will glow and encourage reaching
  • Scatter M&M’s on the surface
  • Scatter Cheerios on the surface
  • Scatter small or large crackers on the surface
  • Set a table by having the student match plate, cup and spoon with a transparent outline of these objects on the light box
  • Set a plate with bread and put a container of light-colored jelly on a light box (suggest apricot), help the student shift gaze from jelly jar to bread as he or you take the jelly to spread on the bread
  • Place Jello in clear container (it will glow)
  • Help the student mix colored soft drink mix into a clear glass of water and watch the color develop

Use a Light Box for Arts & Crafts (cover in clear plastic)

  • Finger paint on parchment paper with foam paint
  • Paint with dark-colored pudding
  • Paint with whipped topping on red or blue transparency
  • Use watercolors on parchment paper
  • Sprinkle powdered tempera paint on parchment paper; help student spray on water and watch color spread and swirl
  • Roll clay into strings and lay out in interesting shapes on light box
  • Use Wikki Sticks to make raised outlines
  • Use “smelly” markers on tissue paper
  • Make a necklace using beads and string

Use a Light Box to Encourage Reaching:

  • Place APH spinner on light box which will motivate student to reach to start and stop spinner
  • Attach on end of a Slinky to the handle and hang over lighted surface; wrap other end onto student’s wrist to encourage arm movement
  • Stack up blocks so that simple arm or leg movement knocks them down
  • Leave a Koosh ball on the light box
  • On large light box, put a capability switch attached to an adapted plush toy. Position the student so that slight pressure on the switch makes the plush toy move. Help the student shift gaze between the switch, the toy and the light box.

Use a Light Box with Students who have Movement difficulties:

  • Adult helps student with any of the activities suggested here if the student signals for the adult to continue
  • Have student use a capability switch to turn on the light box
  • Small infants can be positioned prone on the light box for tummy time
  • In supported 90 degree sitting, a small child can crinkle mylar paper under their foot or feet while they rest on a light box
  • Have the student eye point to choose one of two items lined up on a light box

Use a Light Box during Class:

  • Make transparencies of circle/calendar time pictures and show them on the light box
  • Make transparent digital pictures of classmates and familiar adults, show them using the light box, asking the student to identify “so and so”
  • Have the student construct a daily schedule on the light box using pictures made into transparencies
  • Count manipulatives lined up on a light box
  • Use a bold marker to write letters on lightweight paper and tape it to the light box. Have student trace the letters
  • “Sense of Science” (APH) overlays can encourage gaze shift, recognition, etc.
  • Do sorting activities on the light box
  • Have the student choose rhythm instruments by the outline they make on the light box
  • Use the light box to highlight dark lines that need to be cut for scissor projects

Use the Light Box for Daily Living Routines:

  • When getting dressed, put the sock and shoe on the light box and have the child eye point to the next item needed
  • Put wash cloth and tooth brush on the light box and ask the child to choose which they want to do first. Choose with eye pointing, finger point, naming…
  • Before going to the store, doctor, etc., show the child transparencies of those activities on the light box

Use the Light Box for Make Believe Play:

  • Put dress up items on the light box. Have child identify items and choose how they want to dress up: e.g. baseball cap vs. construction hat
  • Put play hammer or similar object next to play area so that the child can choose to play house or play construction
  • Trace outlines of make-believe characters/action figures to make pictures of them, then use pictures to write a story
  • Tell stories with pictures by using real objects on light box to create a “shadow puppet” type of performance. E.g. twigs make trees and a Barbie type doll becomes Goldilocks

Other Ways to Use a Light Box:

  • Look at a “Discovery Light Book” on the light box
  • Play “Break the Ice” on a large light box
  • Play hands-only “Twister” with a transparent color circle overlay on a large light box
  • Play tabletop hockey using quarters and fingers on large light box
  • Make a woven potholder putting the loom and loops on a light box
  • Thumb wrestle with a friend on the light box

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