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  • Take your pick between these two textured switches—one that vibrates and one that doesn’t. Comes in a set of two.
  • All it takes is a gentle touch to activate this sense-ational switch that plays a 20-second long message, as it lights up and vibrates.
  • This colorful unusually textured ball inspires tactile exploration. Touch it and be rewarded with glowing rainbow lights, music and subtle vibration.
  • Light-touch tactile switches activate with the slightest movement.
  • This special roller switch provides pleasing tactile stimulation that will make users want to roll it again and again. Spin the roller’s drum to activate lights, music and vibration to enjoy a full somatosensory experience.
  • These sturdy yet super-responsive textured switches provide terrific tactile sensations while they activate any of your devices.
  • Four different textured snap-on tops that can go on our Gumball switches (#782), Small Talks and Talkable communicators.
  • Designed to snap onto our Jumbo switches, each of these textured tops provide a different somatosensory experience. Comes in Set of 4.
  • Thumb SwitchSKU #802
    Capitalizes on thumb mobility! Grip the yellow cylindrical base in your hand and press the red button with your thumb for momentary switch operation.
  • Tilt SwitchSKU #990
    Perfect for users who aren’t able to activate a switch manually, this gravity-sensitive switch has a Velcro strap that attaches to a head, arm or leg and is activated when the user tilts that body part.