Lights, Vibration and Music Switches

More than a dozen adaptive ability switches for the disabled that have music, lights, and/or vibration. Appealing and attractive, these switches make every person with a disability want to reach out and touch them!

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  • Bright Red Switch
    Improved design! Its large target area and bright red color make this a great choice for those who are visually impaired. Simple to operate, this versatile switch lights up and vibrates when pressed, and will also activate an adapted toy or device.
  • A great choice for visually impaired users, this switch’s bright blinking light makes it easy to locate.  When the switch is activated, its textured yellow light shines, music plays and the switch vibrates.
  • Gooshy SwitchSKU #634W
    You’ll gush over our Gooshy Switch! This soft, squishy, sparkly pillow comes in two types. Clearance Sale item #634 - Original Price: $91.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Koosh SwitchSKU #883
    Everyone will love our unique Koosh Switch! Use it as a toy and be rewarded with lights, music and vibration.
  • Everyone is drawn to this colorful lady bug. With the gentlest touch, this colorful switch gives users a choice of lights, music and/or vibration.
  • Eye-catching and inviting, this soft, sparkly switch will motivate every user to reach out and engage!
  • Bright lights, dazzling glitter and lively music make this one of our most exciting capability switches.
  • Multi-Sensory Center Family
    Improved design! Designed to provide visual, auditory and tactile stimulation, these Centers' ultra-bright lights, music and vibration options make them an ideal choice for people with visual impairment. #726 Original Price: $104.95. FINAL SALE – NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Designed to deliver exceptional sensory input, the bead chain and unbreakable plastic mirror attached to a sturdy base, vibrate and play music when touched.
  • Improved design! All it takes is a gentle touch to activate this sense-ational switch that plays a 20-second long message, as it lights up and vibrates.