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Adaptive plate switches are designed to help adults and children with motor disabilities. When a person has poor motor skills or their hands cannot provide sufficient force or pressure, plate switches may be used to activate adapted toys and games, learning devices, and adapted electronic gadgets.

Our plate switch assistive technology is unique because it has a very thin plastic top that’s activated with a relatively light touch.

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  • Yellow button click switch with a blue base and cord.
    Sometimes simple is best. This reliable little switch provides momentary output with merely 40 grams of pressure!
  • 810.2022
    Plate SwitchSKU #810
    Ergonomically designed to respond to even the gentlest touch, this brightly colored plate switch will give users the power to control toys and devices independently. This item is also available at a discounted price if you order it as part of our Switch Special Offer - #736W

How Do Adaptive Plate Switches Work?

An adaptive plate switch provides an interface between a person with a disability and an adapted tool, toy or device manufactured by Enabling Devices. It also works by modifying the standard switch that came with the device so the person with special needs can have access to it.

The plate switch will change the interaction between the device and the normal buttons the person with poor motor skills couldn’t use. Instead of grappling with the tiny controls on the device, the user can press the plate switch with a very light touch, and the device will come on.

Why Adaptive Plate Switches Are Helpful for People With Disabilities

Adaptive plate switches for special needs make it possible for people to do more. For example, they provide a wide activation area and a very sensitive button, so the user can easily activate an attached device. Other benefits follow:

  • The switch is activated quickly because of the light membrane.
  • Little or no fatigue is involved even when the user presses the activation button.
  • The switch may be used by someone with poor coordination and motor skills.

Benefits of Adaptive Plate Switches for Toys and Products

Plate switches enable people with weak coordination and limited motor control to enjoy greater independence. Children and adults can use these switches to:

  • Control toys and games
  • Operate a variety of learning devices
  • Use computers in a productive way
  • Use an adapted radio
  • Activate speech generation devices

In addition, these switches allow users to enjoy:

  • Increased independence
  • Better communication with family and friends
  • Improved brain development
  • Access to learning devices

Shop Adaptive Plate Switches Online at Enabling Devices

Shopping for adaptive plate switches at our online store is a smart decision. At Enabling Devices, we evaluate our customers’ needs before we design and manufacture our top-of-the-line products. We can also personalize a new design to suit the needs of our clients. We manufacture a wide range of toys and devices that work with plate switches. We also adapt toys that are suitable for kids with disabilities that work with plate switches.

We work in partnership with special educators, teachers and schools that cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities. Doing so helps us to know the needs of children and develop switches and products that help in a unique way.

In addition to plate switches, we have a wide variety of adapted switches, such as sip and puff, eye blink, pillow-activated, sound and vibration, gumball and jumbo switches. For more than four decades, we’ve pioneered innovative products that assist children and adults with disabilities. If you’re still in doubt, watch our instructional and explanation videos to learn more about how our products work.

Contact Us Now for More Information About Plate Switches

If you’re unsure whether an adaptive plate switch is good for your child or student, get in touch with us. We’re prepared to offer you free professional advice on how you can use assistive technology to make life more comfortable and fulfilling for your loved ones.