Make the New Year Sense-ational!

Sensory Corner w/Bubble Column and Girl

2016 was a sensational year for the team at Enabling Devices. Why, you might ask? In addition to making great strides with our rebranding project and brand new soon-to-launch website, we also designed 18 sensory rooms for centers that serve people with disabilities. We feel especially proud of this accomplishment because all of our design services were provided to clients entirely free of charge.

For the uninitiated, Sensory rooms are spaces where children and adults can explore their environments through visual, auditory and tactile experiences,” explains Karen O’Brien, Product Development Specialist at Enabling Devices. “They offer highly individualized experiences and serve individuals with a variety of disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, post traumatic stress disorders, cerebral palsy and sensory processing disorders.”

The best sensory rooms are created with the needs of the individuals who will be using them in mind. So when conceptualizing your perfect sensory room, ask yourself the following questions:

· How much space is available? Remember, sensory spaces need not be enormous —even a corner or closet can be converted into a sensory room.

· Who will use the sensory room? Consider ages, physical limitations, wheelchair and other accessibility needs.

· How many people will the room need to accommodate at one time?

· How will the room be used? Will it be a place where people can jump or tumble, a place for relaxation or stimulation, socialization, quiet time or education—all of the above?

· What is your budget? Though sensory rooms can be built for every price range, your budget will determine what equipment and toys you choose to purchase.

Enabling Devices sells a range of sensory products at every price point.

Among our most popular offerings are our Bead Chains (362), and Fiber Optic Sprays (3954), for tactile and visual experiences, Interactive Bubble Tubes (2291) and our new Remote Control Bubble Tubes( 2229) for multi-sensory experiences and relaxation, Ball Pits (3959) and Crash Pads (3139) for active play and weighted products such as our kid-sized vests (3953) to calm and comfort.

And good news! If you get started by March 15, you can build a fantastic sensory room by springtime and receive a 5 percent discount on the products you purchase! Just complete our sensory room questionnaire and one of our design consultants will contact you for your free consultation in 1-2 business days.


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