Have a Happy and Accessible Halloween!

Blog: Have a Happy and Accessible Halloween!

Anyone who has kids knows that Halloween is a big deal! And while the holiday is still several weeks away, it’s not too early to work with your child to find an adaptive costume that brings them joy and meets their needs for accessibility and comfort.

What makes a costume adaptive? According to website The Bump, adaptive costumes “are outfitted with accessibility features—such as discreet openings for feeding tubes or medical devices, or silhouettes intended for those who use wheelchairs, aren’t ambulatory or may spend a lot of time seated or lying down.”

Until recently, parents who wanted to provide comfortable and creative costumes for their children with disabilities had no choice but to make them themselves. Fortunately, in recent years, retailers such as Target, Party City and Disney have carried a selection of adaptive costumes and wheelchair decorations that appeal to a variety of interests and imaginations. Here are some examples of cool costumes for the trick-or-treater in your life.

1. For the Princess who Likes an Epic Ride:
Your child will be the belle of the ball when she arrives for trick-or-treating in this Princess Carriage Halloween Costume Wheelchair Cover with Headpiece from Target. This 13-piece set, which retails for $35, includes wheelchair wheel, side and back covers plus hook-and-loop tape. A princess crown tops off the look!

2. For the Minnie Mouse Maven:
The Minnie Maven in your life will swoon over this pink, sparkly, satin dress and matching Minnie Mouse ears. This costume is designed with openings at the abdomen and in the back to accommodate your child’s needs. Available at Target.

3. For the Batman in Your Life:
Your child will look positively heroic in this Adaptive Batman costume that includes a top with an accessibility flap, seatless pants, a cape, and matching mask. Available at Target.

4. For the Police Officer Who’s on Halloween Duty:
Dress up your little one’s wheelchair like a police squad car and let her patrol the neighborhood searching for candy! In addition to wheelchair panels and wheel covers, this complete set includes a police hat! Available at Party City.

5. For Dash Incredible:
Your kid will look “incredible” in this cool Disney Store adaptive costume designed with openings in the arm sleeve, stomach and pant inseam openings for easy accessibility. Available at Walmart.

6. For Your Little Mermaid:
Your Halloween is destined to go swimmingly well when your child tours the neighborhood in this adaptive wheelchair wrap with matching mermaid hairpiece. Purchase the mermaid costume for the whole look!

7. For the Harry Potter Fan:
This adaptive Harry Potter costume will enchant your youngster. Designed for comfort and accessibility, it ensures a magical Halloween.