Enabling Devices’ Workshop – Handmade with Love

Three Enabling Devices employees building new products in our manufacturing facility

Four decades ago when Enabling Devices’ founder, Steven Kanor, began our company (then Toys for Special Children), he had few competitors. In those days, the needs and rights of people with disabilities were not fully recognized. Likewise, their talents, accomplishments and potential to lead meaningful, productive and fulfilling lives were frequently unacknowledged.

In recent years, increased awareness of the capabilities and entitlements of people with disabilities has led to the establishment of more companies serving the special needs community. While the field has become more crowded, we at Enabling Devices maintain that our company — its products, customer service and philosophy — still offers unique advantages to customers.

One of the most significant benefits of Enabling Devices, is the fact that we design and fabricate many of our products in-house at an on-site production facility in Hawthorne, New York. Here’s a look at how we develop the products that enrich your life:

The concept
Product development starts with a concept. It may be a concept introduced by an Enabling Devices’ staff member but often it’s an idea proposed by a special education teacher or a therapist.

The consultation
Over the years, the staff at Enabling Devices has developed strong relationships with the professionals who use our products. They provide invaluable expertise that helps to inform what we create and how we build and adapt the products we sell. Typically, consulting with teachers and therapists is one of the first steps in the product development process.

The brainstorming
After we determine that there is a need for a product, the staff holds a brainstorming session where we exchange ideas about how we can bring that product to fruition. Through the brainstorming process, a design plan is determined. Then, our design and build team headed up by Bill Pedersen heads to the workshop to begin the fabrication process.

The fabrication
Most of Enabling Devices’ products are made by hand using a mold. Once the mold is created, builders set about fitting the product components into the mold and connecting the wiring that makes it work. In-house fabrication sets us apart from many other companies that simply buy and resell products or purchase them overseas. Building our products in our own workshop insures their quality and makes us directly accountable to our customers.

The testing
Our fabricators test and retest every product sample, making changes wherever necessary to make sure they reach the highest standards.

The timeframe
Another advantage to fabricating products in-house, is that they can be taken from the conceptual stage to the production phase quickly. In many cases, new products can be produced in a as little as a few days.

The personal touch
Our staff is personally invested in our products and the impact they have on the lives of our customers. We love our jobs and are grateful for the opportunity to change their lives for the better. To learn more about Enabling Devices’ product design and fabrication process, see our newest video: