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While this blog usually focuses on topics pertaining to children with disabilities, their parents, teachers and therapists, Enabling Devices also creates, adapts and sells innovative devices for teens and adults. Now that the holiday shopping season is officially under way, you need look no further for gifts that will truly improve the quality of life for loved ones with disabilities.

Capability switches are a great choice since they open up a world of possibilities for people with disabilities. Thanks to these gadgets, even individuals with the most profound mobility and neurological challenges are able to access a range of devices including computers, communicators, toys, wheelchairs and environmental controls, independently.

Sady Paulson, a video editor with cerebral palsy was recently featured in a video shown on Apple’s new accessibility website. In a recent interview with Mashable’s Katie Dupere, Paulson said that switch technology “has been instrumental in allowing her to pursue her passion for video creation. ‘Before Switch Control, there were limitations to what I could do and how long it would take me …These were physical limitations that held me back from realizing my dreams. But I knew all along that I had the ability, the creativity and the passion. Switch Control has removed those barriers and empowered me to access my abilities and pursue my passion.’”

With that powerful message in mind, here are some of our most popular switches.

Gumball Switches

For those with good fine motor skills, these relatively small switches are dependable and provide great tactile and auditory feedback.

Jumbo Switches

Individuals who have use of their hands, but have limited motor control, will benefit from our jumbo switches because their size and bright colors makes them easy to locate. These switches come in a variety of styles with a range of functionalities.

Large Lens Switch

This switch is ideal for individuals with visual impairments. Bright blinking lights, music and vibration make it easy to find and use.

Ultimate Switch

Our number one best seller, the Ultimate Switch can be activated by even the most physically and neurologically challenged individuals. This switch requires only the gentlest touch for activation yet is sturdy enough to withstand plenty of knocking around. It can be purchased alone or with accompanying gooseneck and clamp to attach it hold it in place on a wheelchair or desk.

Wireless Ultimate Switch

One of our best sellers, the cordless version of our Ultimate switch transmits 20 feet in the air by radio waves!

Eye Blink Switch

The user need only blink his eyes to activate this highly sensitive device. This switch comes with an adjustable holder that can be mounted to eyeglasses or headbands.

Sip and Puff

These amazing switches allow the user to activate technology with her breath.

While some switches can be plugged directly into computers and other devices, others may require switch interfaces that can also be purchased through Enabling Devices. Wireless switches are also available.

For a complete listing of all of Enabling Devices’ capability switches, visit our online catalog. Have questions about what switch to purchase? Don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff. We are more than happy to help you make the right purchase.


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