2019 Catalog Spotlight Feature – How to Submit Your Entry

How to Submit Your Entry for a 2019 Catalog Spotlight Feature

Would you or someone you know want to be featured in Enabling Devices’ 2019 catalog? Do you have a story to tell about your child? Is there a teacher or therapist who you admire and would like to thank? Is your school doing fabulous work with children with disabilities that you’d be proud to share? We’d like to hear from you!

Each year we feature more than a dozen customers in our catalogs – children with disabilities and their parents, special education schools & classrooms, and teachers & therapists. Now you can be one!

If you are interested, please email a digital photo(s) and some fun and/or interesting information about the person, therapist or school in the photo to elizabeth@enablingdevices.com with the subject line: Spotlight Feature.

Requirements: Photo should be in landscape (horizontal) format, the background should be uncluttered, and the subject should be in focus and centered in the photo. Showing Enabling Devices’ products in use would be a plus!

Deadline: Photos and background information must be received by November 2, 2018 for consideration.

Please Note: We will be reviewing all submissions for photo quality and descriptive information and will be choosing the photos that work best in our catalog and in a particular product section. We do not guarantee that your photo will be selected.

Everyone submitting will be notified of our decisions. Those selected for the catalog will be sent a draft page for their review, editing and approval before publication.

By providing the photo, the submitter grants permission to Enabling Devices to print or publish these photos in Enabling Devices catalogs, on their website, and in social media owned by Enabling Devices.



Enabling Devices Featured on We Are Teachers Website

This month We are Teachers is featuring an article about our products. Entitled “12 Classroom Supplies You’ll Want for your Special Ed Classroom“, the article highlights iPad accessories, communicators, adapted musical toys and sensory products. Click here to read the article. We Are Teachers is an online community whose mission is to inspire teachers and help them succeed by sharing practical classroom ideas and more.

Enabling Devices Launches New Website

Enabling Devices (formerly Toys for Special Children) is pleased to announce the launch of a new state-of-the-art website and online catalog. The re-designed, mobile-friendly site is accessible, easy to navigate, and features larger, sharper, multifaceted images of products. The new enablingdevices.com is also chock full of resources and multimedia product information and offers consumers a streamlined approach to selecting and ordering products.

Since 1978, Enabling Devices has been creating and adapting toys, tools, devices and assistive technology for children, teens and adults with a variety of disabilities. From the beginning, the company’s primary mission was meeting the needs of its customers and developing products that enrich their lives. Personalized customer service is emblematic of the company’s peoplecentered approach and Enabling Device’s new website was designed with people in mind.

“In creating our new website, we wanted to feature the people we serve by profiling some of our customers,” says Enabling Devices CEO Seth Kanor. “I wanted the website to show how our products make it possible for people with disabilities to reach their highest potential.”

Enablingdevices.com features clear yet concise product descriptions and online instructional videos that help consumers understand how products work and how they support skill development and learning. Downloadable activity charts and product tips help users to get the most out of the products they buy.

Product comparison charts (also downloadable) help customers identify the products that best meet their needs while online skills charts match products with users based on the skills they seek to develop.

Additionally, enablingdevices.com includes a blog with news and information of interest to members of the disability community, regularly updated lists of the best apps for switch users and people on the autism spectrum, and guidance for creating a sensory space in a home, classroom or office.

“It’s important that we stay close to the people and practitioners who use our products,” says Kanor. “We visit clinics and consult with the therapists who work with people with disabilities so that we can continually improve our products. As always, we welcome customers’ calls and comments, and whenever possible, are happy to provide personalized solutions. With the right tools, people with disabilities are doing great things and finding great joy in their lives. Our mission is to increase their joy as much as possible.”