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WISHlist for classroom

Our classroom provides special education services to multiply disabled and medically complex children in Montgomery County year-round. Because our children require assistive and adaptive devices to make learning accessible. With this being a brand new classroom, we are more in need then ever as we are doing through tough times in our world. Please help us support our children and staff by making a contribution by purchasing something from our list. By doing so you are making learning accessible and fun for our present and future students! Imagine what it would be like not to be able to see or hear, or to have very limited vision and hearing. How would you know what was going on around you? You would have to touch things in order to know about them. You would have to use your hands. Your hands and your feet would have to be your eyes for you. They would give you access to the world. These materials are going to help these students access their environment!

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Adapted Mini Dome Activity Center Sensory Toy Adapted Mini Dome Activity Center Sensory ToySKU: 72 $129.95 1 Add to Cart
Adapted Pie Face Adapted Pie FaceSKU: 9412 $154.95 1 Add to Cart
Adapted Musical Cymbal Adapted Musical CymbalSKU: 2410 $147.95 1 Add to Cart
Aqua Dome Aqua DomeSKU: 1691 $219.95 1 Add to Cart
Carnival Tube Carnival TubeSKU: 158 $179.95 1 Add to Cart
Sensational Textured Activity CenterSKU: 2251 $375.95 1 Add to Cart
Tactivity Center Tactivity CenterSKU: 4110 $209.95 1 Add to Cart
Traffic Light Traffic LightSKU: 1810 $179.95 1 Add to Cart
Music Box Music BoxSKU: 702 $109.95 2 Add to Cart
Musical Twister Adapted Light Toy Musical Twister Adapted Light ToySKU: 3285 $269.95 1 Add to Cart
Lighted Musical Tambourine Lighted Musical TambourineSKU: 896 $179.95 1 Add to Cart
Dancing Water Beads Dancing Water BeadsSKU: 1688 $230.95 1 Add to Cart
Drumbourine DrumbourineSKU: 872 $154.95 1 Add to Cart
Feel Good Glenn Feel Good GlennSKU: 9338 $67.95 1 Add to Cart
Mini Dome Switch w/L, M & V Mini Dome SwitchSKU: 72S $155.95 1 Add to Cart
Mini Popper - 3D Version Mini PopperSKU: 751 $135.95 1 Add to Cart
Peek-a-Boo Mirror Adapted Sensory Toy Peek-a-Boo Mirror Adapted Sensory ToySKU: 348 $179.95 1 Add to Cart
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