Peek-a-Boo Mirror Adapted Sensory Toy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Peek-a-Boo Mirror w.boy
Peek-a-Boo Mirror Adapted Sensory Toy
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Peek-a-Boo Mirror Adapted Sensory Toy


So much more than a mirror, this multi-faceted sensory toy provides tactile, visual and auditory stimulation, not to mention, tons of fun!

Size: 12"W x 10½"H

Weight: 2¾ lbs.

Battery: 6 AA

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Warranty: 3 Months

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So much more than a mirror, this multifaceted sensory toy provides tactile, visual and auditory stimulation, not to mention, tons of fun! When users run their fingers through the mirror’s bead chain curtain it activates the toy’s lights, music and vibration, creating a soothing and satisfying sensory experience. Wedge-shaped base allows you to use it on the floor or a table.

Tactile, Visual and Auditory Stimulation

We crafted the Peek-a-Boo mirror to provide a full sensory experience. The product’s features include:

  • Blinking lights, stimulating vibration and engaging music
  • Simple activation by playing with the bead chains
  • An external jack that can activate other adapted devices
  • Six AA battery operation

People with special needs will love seeing themselves in the mirror and being rewarded for exploring with the beads.

To deliver a unique experience, the lights, sound and vibration stimuli can each be turned on or off. The sensitivity of the beads also adjusts with a dial to set how much movement activates the mirror.

The supplied double-ended cord allows this unit to control other adapted devices as a switch.

Who Can Enjoy the Peek-a-Boo Mirror?

This sensory mirror toy provides tactile and auditory stimulation while encouraging motor skills, ideal for use by:

  • Families of children with disabilities
  • Occupational therapists and teachers
  • Care centers

How Can You Use This Product?

The Peek-a-Boo Mirror benefits customers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Education: Users can learn to swipe as if they’re touching a tablet surface and learn cause and effect when other connected devices activate.
  • Play: The mirror’s effects will delight users looking for entertainment.
  • Stimulation: This toy provides a full sensory experience with vibration, lights and sounds for those who want stimulation.

Why Choose Enabling Devices for Adapted Sensory Toys?

We design and manufacture accessible devices in the U.S. and aim for a superior online shopping experience. Our customers select us for:

  • Variety: Offering the most diverse lineup of adaptive toys and other accessible electronics is our goal.
  • Experience: We’ve spent more than 40 years working with assistive technology.
  • Customer service: Our expert staff can guide customers to the best product for their needs.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Can this be switch adapted?
  1. Q Can this be switch adapted?
    Asked by Toni on March 1, 2018 2:25 pm
    A No because this item is not only a standalone toy it also works as a switch via the 1/8 inch output jack on the side to activate other switch adapted toys or devices. It also has 3 switches on the bottom to turn the Lights, Music and Vibration ON or OFF to help with focus when used as a switch.