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  • Touch the bead chain box and behold—lights, music and vibration! Original Price: $139.95. FINAL SALE – NON-RETURNABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #348 PEEK-A-BOO MIRROR
  • Bead ChainsSKU #355W
    Who can resist running their fingers through our silver or multi-colored bead chain curtains? PLEASE NOTE: Silver Bead Chain #355 ships Ground only.
  • Big Water ToySKU #9000
    Water play is more fun than ever with this versatile toy that provides a wonderful tactile experience.
  • Bubble BunnySKU #8084
    Soft, cuddly and comforting, Bubbly Bunny has four soothing sounds. (Comes unadapted)
  • Take a sensory adventure with this multi-faceted toy that provides tactile, auditory and visual stimulation! Original Price: $211.95.  FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #883 KOOSH SWITCH
  • They’re sure to take a shine to this glow-in-the-dark sensory toy.
  • This multisensory activity center offers children a chance to learn and play with others. Eight different activities invite exploration. Original Price: $419.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #2300 COMPACT ACTIVITY CENTER
  • Flip FlopSKU #503
    This versatile toy will entertain for hours! Just spin the dome to see multi-colored flashing lights, spinning beads, glitter and mirror reflections, feel vibration and hear six lively tunes!
  • FuntastikSKU #2244
    There are so many ways to have fun with this fantastic multisensory toy!
  • Enjoy a satisfying sensory experience with this multi-faceted gel board. PLEASE NOTE: This item ships Ground only.
  • This multisensory toy is a hit with players of all ages. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #9036 SOUND PUZZLES
  • Users will have a swimmingly great time moving four colorful fish across the ocean floor while experiencing tactile and visual sensory fun and improving attention, finger strength, dexterity and eye-hand coordination.
  • They’ll be mesmerized watching our lovely purple butterfly light up as it sits atop a colorful spinning carousel. Original Price: $166.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Mini DomeSKU #72
    A party for the senses, our bestselling Mini Dome comes alive with colorful confetti, music and vibration whenever they press the dome or its plate. PLEASE NOTE: This item ships Ground only.
  • Mini PopperSKU #751
    A sensory bonanza! Press the popper’s rim or dome (or activate your switch) to start music, vibration, flashing lights and bouncing balls! PLEASE NOTE: This item ships Ground only.
  • Ultraviolet LEDs, colorful UV reactive bead strands, and your choice of rock and roll (3109R) or soothing music (3109) play when you press the mirror.
  • MotivAiderSKU #1153
    A gentle and discrete means of motivating clients and students, this tiny device vibrates at timed intervals to prompt and remind them as they work to perform therapeutic and academic tasks. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #8001A VIBRATING PERSONAL PAGER
  • Designed to provide visual, auditory and tactile stimulation, these Centers' ultra-bright lights, music and vibration options make them an ideal choice for people with visual impairment. PLEASE NOTE: Multi-Sen Center #725 ships Ground only.
  • Sand and water table that combines quality and affordability. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #9239 SEATING/LIGHTED SENSORY PLAY BIN
  • So much more than a mirror, this multi-faceted sensory toy provides tactile, visual and auditory stimulation, not to mention, tons of fun! PLEASE NOTE: This item ships Ground only.
  • Play Fish MatSKU #3152
    Our large, soft gel mat contains six different, colorful fish. Push, poke and prod the sparkly blue gel and fish for a wonderful tactile experience.
  • Rain DropsSKU #3065
    Rainy days were never this much fun! Pour a small amount of water into the toy’s tray, activate a switch and watch the “raindrops” trickle down the hanging bead chain.
  • Passing your hand over the light sensor on the base will play your pre-recorded message. Original Price: $181.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #357 SOMATOSENSORY MUSICAL BEAD CHAIN/SWITCH
  • Sensory awareness is at their fingertips with this educational toy that sharpens tactile discrimination skills.