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Assistive Technology - Products for People with Disabilities

Featured Products

  • Pull Ball
    Easy fun with melody and illumination! Pulling the multifaceted spring ball will activate music and lights. The tetherball will fly back into its case when released. Increases eye...
  • CD Boom Box
    Switch-adapted with CD player! This switch-adapted boom box has a CD player, AM/FM radio and a cassette player all in one unit! Simply plug your capability switch into the radio...
  • iPad & iPad Pro Mounting Systems
    Starting at $51.95
    The ultimate accessory! Our terrific iPad systems are available in two versions: Tabletop and Mounted. The Tabletop version comes with a mounting platform and a...
  • Touch Screen Band
    Record your music! Play ten demo songs or create your own music with the 17 piano keys and complete drum set. Record and playback your musical creation with a touch of a button...
  • LED Light Illuminators new lower price!
    Starting at $69.95
    Mesmerizing! Turn an ordinary room into a calming sensory space. These three rechargeable LED Light Illuminators change color using all the colors in a rainbow in...
  • Charley Chameleon
    HE'S BACK!
    Three different activations! We’ve adapted this cute chameleon so you can choose three different light and sound options. Press your switch once and rain forest sounds play while...
  • Noise Reducing Earmuffs
    Muffle loud noises! These earmuffs are great for people who are sensitive to noise. They are also a terrific tool for those who just need quiet or need to dampen the surrounding noise for focused activities. Features...
  • Sensory Projector
    Promote relaxation! Soft and soothing red, blue and green lights slowly move across your ceiling and walls to create a calming effect in any room. Angle of the projector can be...
  • Aura LED Projector
    Starting at $82.95
    Constantly changing! The Aura LED Projector is an ideal projector for your sensory space. It’s calming, soothing and relaxing. Projector has Wi-Fi connectivity with a free app for iOS and Android...
  • Firefly Frog
    Starting at $33.95
    Twinkling! This cuddly friend is perfect for your sensory space or for bedtime. Activate your capability switch and fireflies will twinkle in the Frog’s belly to create a magical glow. Firefly...
  • Air Mouse
    Starting at $147.95
    Hands free! Simple hands-free mouse allows you to control your computer’s cursor using head movements and switch activations. Get full screen movement of cursor...
  • Bladeless Fan w/Light
    No moving parts! We’ve adapted this unique fan that provides a cooling breeze without the use of any blades. The portable fan includes a cooling sponge that can be dampened and inserted...