Making the Most of Voice Output Sequencers

Understanding Voice Output Sequencers

A sequencer is a programmable, digital audio recorder and voice output communication device. It permits recording, storing and playing back a series of messages in the sequential order in which those messages were recorded. Most sequencers have one activation site. Each time the device is activated, it plays the series of prerecorded messages in sequence, one at a time. Hit one plays the first message. Hit two plays the second message and so on.

Using Sequencers for Instructional Prompts or Memory Minders

  • Directions for completing an assignmentMini Com Sequencer
  • Directions for taking medications
  • Directions for doing laundry
  • Directions for using an appliance
  • Directions for micro ( popcorn, soup, reheat food or drinks)
  • Directions for mixing drinks
  • Directions for setting the table
  • Directions for changing a bed
  • Directions to use the VCR/DVD player
  • Directions to another location
  • Follow a recipe
  • Follow steps to prepare food (sandwich, salad)
  • Follow a schedule
  • Follow sequence in a vocational task
  • Follow steps in a routine
  • Follow sequence for mail delivery
  • Follow steps in a grooming sequence
  • Follow steps in a treasure hunt
  • Follow steps to use a vending machine
  • Indicate what to wear for the day’s weather
  • Use for a to-do list or shopping list

Most sequencers can also function as single message voice output devices. Refer to “Making the Most of Single Message Voice Output Devices” by this author for additional ideas.

Fun and Motivating Uses of Sequencers

  • Give the top ten list (Songs, movies, books)
  • Participate in a skit
  • Play Games: Simon Says, Red Light-Green Light, Duck-DuckGoose
  • Play guessing game by giving clues (I Spy)
  • Report the sports news (game scores)
  • Report the weather
  • Make a purchase at a store
  • Order at a restaurantTextured Roller Sequencer
  • Take a survey
  • Act as an announcer
  • Announce basketball players as go onto court
  • Cheer during a game
  • Caller at square dance
  • Conduct an interview
  • Describe slides in a PowerPoint or photo slide show
  • Tell a story to accompany pictures in a slide show
  • Give a tour
  • Give clues in scavenger hunt
  • Trick or treating
  • Start a race
  • Sell scout cookies/popcorn

Uses of Sequencers at School

  • Deliver a report
  • Give instructions
  • Give math problems
  • Give spelling tests
  • Read a simple bookAdjustable Angle Sequencer w/Switch
  • Recite alphabet
  • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Recite verses of a poem
  • Report the weather
  • Retell a movie or a story
  • Give a book or movie review
  • Take attendance
  • Make the morning announcements

Using Sequencers for Social Scripts

  • Tell a joke
  • Tell a riddle
  • Flirt
  • Relay a funny/interesting event
  • Share a special event
  • Conduct a guessing game
  • Talk about an upcoming event
  • Play a trick or prank
  • Discuss sports/music/movies/plays/TV show
  • Share opinions about books, movies, TV shows
  • Talk about pop culture or age-appropriate topics
  • Share a secret
  • Share daily happenings
  • Share successes/accomplishments
  • Share wish list for Christmas or birthday
  • Discuss the latest red carpet event

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