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  • Classroom Comm Kit - Blue Put-em-arounds
    In consultation with special educators, speech therapists, and assistive technologists, we’ve assembled this carefully curated kit of communication devices.
  • 7-Level Communication Builders
    This Communication Builder is equipped with 5 easy to change frames, which allows you to refine communication choices as the person develops new skills.
  • This bestselling communicator has five easy-to-change levels and space for 60 five-second messages. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Hip Talk PlusSKU #5020
    Portable communication doesn’t get handier than this! This communicator has it all:  300 seconds of recording time, auditory cueing, magnetic snap-on frames for easy icon changing, volume control, low battery warning and three interchangeable frames for 3, 6 and 12 messages. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Non-verbal picture users can now have a voice with the ProxTalker. This advanced speech generating device uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology that enables independent verbal picture communication for non-verbal people.
  • Quick Start Comm Kit - w/Blue Put-em-arounds
    Get classroom communication started with our basic communication kit. These best-selling communicators will make classroom participation and social interaction possible for students with communication challenges.
  • Tactile Symbol Communicator
    Icons not included! Uniquely designed for those who are blind or dually sensory impaired, this six level communicator with room for 36 six-second messages.
  • Talk 4 w/LevelsSKU #2500B
    This ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art 4-message communicator comes in two versions: Basic and Levels. The Basic Talk 4 plays four 5-second messages. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Textured Roller Sequencer
    Ideal for non-speaking children or adults, this communicator enables users to engage in simple conversation by playing a sequential series of pre-recorded messages (300 seconds total).
  • Totally Tactile Communicator
    Designed especially for the visually impaired user, this communicator features brightly colored plates with raised designs. Features 6 levels for a total of 36 messages and a total record time of 300 seconds,  7 seconds per message.