Developing Simple Communication

Assistive technology and AAC products for developing and building simple communication for non-verbal children and adults. One, two, and three message speech generating devices to encourage speech and communication.

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  • Teachers and therapists who work with students on the autism spectrum will find invaluable tools for their classrooms and offices in this 12-product kit.
  • Basic Talk 4SKU #4047B
    Communicating is simple with this ergonomically designed, portable and lightweight device. Press one of four light touch message squares to play a 5-second message. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - SEE ITEM #2402 TALKABLE 4
  • Big TalkSKU #4200W
    They can crack a joke, sing a song, or greet a friend with this easy-to-use one message communicator. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below. #4106 IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
  • This versatile communicator provides single, sequential and random message capabilities, includes four levels, and 300 seconds of recording time. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below. ITEM #4202B IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
  • The In-Line Direct has four message squares and plays one of the 5-second messages. PLEASE NOTE: This item ships Ground only.
  • Simple four message square communicator is activated by pressing one of four message squares.
  • Our versatile communicator can be activated by pressing one of eight message squares and has a total record time of 300 seconds.
  • This handy module is a self-contained recorder-talker which accepts up to 4 switches. Record and play 4 messages, 5 seconds per message. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE — SEE #5520 CLIP TALK
  • Clip Clamp
    Clip ClampSKU #3706
    Clip clamps are oh so convenient and have so many uses! Great for positioning items at eye level including Eye Talks, photos or icons where they are easy to see, and easily mounts on wheelchair trays, tabletops or bedrails.
  • Clip TalkSKU #5520
    This ultra-convenient portable communicator has a spring reinforced clip that snaps onto a wheelchair, walker, bedrail, stroller or virtually any other tubular or rectangular object. Has space for recording two 10-second messages and can be activated by its built-in switch or an external switch.
  • This complete communication package comes with everything you need to help students’ grow their vocabularies and develop their language skills.
  • Eye TalksSKU #3712W
    The eyes say it all with our popular, inexpensive but highly effective eye gaze communication board.
  • The Eye Talk eye gaze communication board works even better when paired with our mountable Clip Clamp (included). Attach messages to the board, observe the user’s eye gaze and receive your message.
  • Shoot from the hip with this basic communicator which plays four 5-second messages with the touch of a button.
  • How to improve upon the bestselling Mini-Coms? Add sequencing! Terrific for story-telling, singing and joke-telling. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE — SEE #4200R BIG TALK (RED)
  • Mini-ComsSKU #9151W
    Our best-selling Mini-Coms are a great option for promoting simple communication. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE — SEE #4200R BIG TALK (RED)
  • Our popular Big Talk is more accessible than ever now that it comes with its own mount. Attaching easily to any wheelchair or tabletop, the Big Talk’s 19” Gooseneck with Super Clamp (included) enables users to position switches according to individual needs. Original Price: $204.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #4200R BIG TALK TRIPLE SEQUENCER
  • Say hello, ask for help, or let them know it’s time for lunch with this basic, affordable communicator that works with the touch of button. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Put-Em-AroundsSKU #9012W
    Users can be part of the conversation wherever they are with these unique wall communicators! PLEASE NOTE: Put-Em-Arounds Black (Set of 10) #9021B ships Ground only.
  • This handy communicator plays two 10-second messages. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #1399 ROCKING SAY IT PLAY IT
  • This two-message communicator doubles as a switch! Press one of its two colorful switch plates to hear a 10-second message and simultaneously activate an external toy or device. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - SEE ITEM # 1406 TWIN TALK & PLAY
  • Small but mighty, this compact communicator has single, sequential and random message capability. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • We added 4 levels to our bestselling compact communicator in addition to its single, sequential, and random message capabilities! To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below. ITEM #8152R IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
  • A basic communicator that requires only the gentlest touch to activate, the Small Talk features 20 seconds of recording time and has a built-in icon holder. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below. Original Price: $121.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.