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More than a dozen Sensory Bead Chains for children with special needs. Cool beads, lights, vibration, and sounds provide an incredible multi-sensory experience. Every special needs education classroom should have at least one!

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  • Touch the bead chain box and behold—lights, music and vibration!
  • Bead ChainsSKU #355W
    Who can resist running their fingers through our silver or multi-colored bead chain curtains?
  • Curtain rewards child with music when they crawl through or manipulate the beads.
  • Touch the cool, smooth beads and activate a never-ending tunnel of multi-colored LED lights.
  • No chance of boredom with this versatile toy! Comes with five colorful rollers each with a different texture—small bead, large bead, soft ribbed and two types of ropes.
  • Sensory rewards are in store when users reach out for our motion sensory bead chain.
  • Our popular bead chains are enhanced by music and a mirror (#657) or music, mirror, lights and vibration (#659).
  • Rain DropsSKU #3065
    Rainy days were never this much fun! Pour a small amount of water into the toy’s tray, activate a switch and watch the “raindrops” trickle down the hanging bead chain.
  • Passing your hand over the light sensor on the base will play your pre-recorded message. Original Price: $181.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #357 SOMATOSENSORY MUSICAL BEAD CHAIN/SWITCH
  • What’s behind beaded curtain? Surprise! It’s an unbreakable plastic mirror that reflects the face of the user! A terrific toy that provides visual and tactile stimulation and body identification!
  • Great for teaching cause and effect and encouraging reaching. When bead chains move, they activate the device’s built-in music box. Choice of two different bead colors.
  • With two stimulating textures, the two interchangeable plates on our Textured Tunes are perfect for hands-on sensory exploration.
  • The next best thing to an amusement park!  Just press its red gumball switch to make this carousel twirl, taking its colorful bead chains—so cool to the touch— along for the ride.