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Weighted sensory products aid in treating sensory processing disorders such as PDD or autism in children by using weighted clothing or blankets, providing deep pressure sensory information to joints and muscles. Helps special needs children feel relaxed and calm.

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  • Gel Lap Maze
    Gel Lap MazeSKU #3154
    Press, squeeze or push the marbles through the spiral gel maze to build hand-eye coordination and finger strength.
  • Gel Lap Pad
    Save 10%
    Gel Lap PadSKU #3142 - On Sale until 10/31/22
    Great for classroom use, this multipurpose pad, full of squishy, colorful sparkling gel, is a treat for the eyes, fingers and regulatory system.
    $47.95 $42.95
  • Weighted Blankets
    Cozy and comforting, our weighted blankets enhance sensory integration, improve concentration and attention.
    $87.95$140.95 $78.95$125.95
  • Weighted Kit 2020
    Save 10%
    Weighted KitSKU #7024 - On Sale until 10/31/22
    Weighted products such as the selection in this kit, provide sensory input that helps students with sensory processing disorders improve their attention and concentration.
    $229.95 $206.95
  • Weighted Puppy
    Save 11%
    Weighted PuppySKU #3937 - On Sale until 10/31/22
    A therapy dog that never needs to be walked! Just wrap this soft weighted pup around your neck and shoulders to experience calming pressure that helps with self-regulation, attention and concentration.
    $52.95 $46.95
  • Zoo Weighted Blanket
    Save 10%
    Zoo Weighted BlanketSKU #3992 - On Sale until 10/31/22
    Experience the comforting effects of this weighted blanket. Its colorful zoo animals will be every child’s favorite.
    $87.95 $78.95