Visual Sensory Toys

For adults and children with disabilities, visual sensory toys can stimulate how the brain processes visual information. These toys can meet a range of visual processing needs for environmental exploration. Visual toys can offer both arousing and calming effects for individuals with sensory sensitivities.

At Enabling Devices, we carry a range of visual sensory toys for individuals with all types of cognitive and developmental disabilities.

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The Importance of Visual Stimulation

Vision is one of the primary ways we interact with the world and receive information about our surroundings. For those with cognitive or developmental disabilities, the brain has difficulties processing information, using motor skills and encoding.

Visual impairment or visual processing disorders may make navigating one’s environment more challenging. Visual stimulation allows the brain to process sensory information and promote sensory-motor experiences, supporting how the individual interprets visual meaning from what they see.

Adding visual activities to other forms of sensory toys and tools can enhance your sensory spaces with well-rounded sensory activities for individuals with disabilities.

How Visual Stimulation Toys Benefit Children and Adults

Visual stimulation toys offer many benefits for children and adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities, including:

  • Relaxation:¬†Fiber optic lighting or projectors can create a soothing space during stressful situations or help people unwind at the end of the day.
  • Learning:¬†Visual perception sensory toys can include educational elements for teaching deductive reasoning, organizational skills and critical thinking.
  • Attention:¬†With visual elements, people can focus on their learning experiences or practice visual tracking that supports information intake.

Regardless of a person’s sensory needs, visual stimulation toys can support comfort and learning requirements.¬†Visual processing is a key developmental prerequisite for educational skills such as reading and math.

Types of Visual Sensory Toys

Visual sensory toys take on many forms. Some of the most common types include:

  • Projectors:¬†Projectors fill a room with shapes, colors and soothing scenes that create a calming¬†environment full of¬†visual input.
  • Lamps:¬†Sensory lamps have changing colors and act as night lights or stimulating toys during the day.
  • Glowing toys:¬†Glowing toys help people enjoy a fun animal or game that stimulates the visual senses in the brain.

Our Visual Sensory Toys

At Enabling Devices, we carry a range of visual sensory toys for adults and children to enjoy. We have various projectors that bring atmospheric environments to any room, like galaxies and patterned scenes. The Sensory Projector displays soothing lights on walls and ceilings, creating a visually calming experience for the user.

Light shows, disco balls and glowing toys bring swirling colors to your space, creating a room designed with visual exploratory input for the visually seeking user at any time. We also carry stuffed animals, like Twilight Buddy the Dragon, with built-in lighting.

Enjoy a multi-sensory experience with our sound soothers that use a projector and white noise machine for your sensory space by pairing auditory and visual input for a calming effect.

Shop Our Visual Sensory Toys

Visual development is critical for many aspects of learning, from motor skills development to information intake. Visual sensory toys can also aid in relaxation to unwind from stressful situations or prepare for sleep. At Enabling Devices, we have the toys to fulfill your sensory needs. Explore our full selection of visual stimulation toys today.