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Activate your ability switch and feel the cool breezes from your switch adapted fan or watch the water move in your adapted water toy. Great for people with disabilities to control their environment. Special needs education classrooms will use them as a fun way to teach cause and effect.

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What Are Adapted Fans and Water Toys?

Help someone in your life stay cool with switch adapted water toys for disabilities, designed with different options suited for adults and children. Activate your ability switch and feel the cool breezes from your switch adapted fan or watch the water move in your adapted water toy. These devices are switch activated for easy operation, creating a cool breeze or an entertaining place to interact with moving water on demand. They’re great for people with disabilities to control their environment. Plus, special needs education classrooms will use them as a fun way to teach cause and effect.

At Enabling Devices, our products offer more than a cool retreat on a hot day, they encourage physical and cognitive development, teaching valuable skills through light, sound and touch.

The Benefits of Switch Adapted Water Toys

Adaptive devices are accessories modified for people with special needs and are perfect for use at home, in a care facility or as part of a special education classroom. These products, such as our adapted water toys for a child with special needs, offer benefits for children and adults with disabilities, including:

  • Teaching cause and effect: Our fans and water toys help children and adults learn cause and effect through switching functions and the inclusion of lights, music, running water and more to stimulate the mind.
  • Environmental control: Our innovative devices allow people with handicaps to better control their environment, with control over device operation. Many of our fans include lights and sounds for added animation.

Who Benefits From Adapted Toys With Water and Fans?

Adaptive devices help people with disabilities achieve greater independence while working to build visual and auditory skills, physical development and more. Beyond their primary purpose, these products use multisensory engagement as valuable learning tools and development aids. Our adapted water toys and fans benefit:

  • Children with disabilities: Water toys add the excitement and tactile stimulation of running water in a controlled space. Some products include lights, sounds and music for additional visual and audible stimulation.
  • Adults with disabilities: Give the gift of freedom to an adult family member or friend with disabilities, with a selection of quality switch adapted fans for people with disabilities for a cool breeze on demand, activated by a simple switch designed for easy use.
  • Special needs classrooms: Introduce any or all of our adapted water toys for a special needs education classroom for fun and interactive activities that engage the body and mind, or use our fans to keep the children in your care comfortable.

How to Use Switch Adapted Water Toys

We’ve designed our products for use with large switches for easy operation — powering fans and water toys while teaching direct lessons on cause and effect. The user pushes the oversized button, and the device comes to life, giving children and adults more control. For better accessibility, these products feature input jacks for installing a variety of adaptive switches.

Purchase Your Adapted Water Toys and Fans From Enabling Devices Today!

For over 40 years, we’ve been helping adults and children with disabilities live fuller lives. We distribute the largest variety of adaptive devices, and the majority of the items we carry are our designs. Order adapted water toys and fans online today and browse our full selection of adapted products, including toys and games, special needs classroom kits and hundreds of other devices.

If you have a special request, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll work with to modify one of our existing devices, or invent something completely new to help someone special in your life. If you have questions about our products or would like to speak to someone about custom product creation, give us a call at  (914) 747-3070 or contact us online.