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  • Mini Puppy Dog
    This adorable, lifelike little pup barks, wags his tail and swings his head...
  • Musical Bear Stacker
    Stacking rings is even more fun when lights and music are added in. Press the bear head or your external capability switch to light the lights and play “London Bridge” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.
  • Old MacDonald’s Farm
    It’s time to sing along and discover animal sounds and music. Each of the four brightly colored built-in adapted switches make a different sound in one level and plays part of a familiar tune in the other.
  • On-the-Go Sensory Buddies
    These soft plush backpacks are more than just cute! Unzip them and inside is a treasure trove of sensory toys for on-the-go fun.
  • Oval Textured Switch
    Improved design! Irresistibly touchable, this textured switch appeal to anyone who seeks tactile stimulation. Item #711-S is also available at a discounted price if you order it as part of our Switch Special Offer - #736W
  • Peaceful Play Bundle
    The Peaceful Play Bundle creates a soothing space for play time. Settle into the beanless bag chair and snuggle up with an embraceable, vibrating rabbit.
  • PenPalz
    Learning to write can be lots of fun with these plush “helpers.” An elastic strap around the writer’s wrist and magnetic paws around the writing implement promote an open thumb web position and a dynamic tripod grasp.
  • Ooo-la-la! This Pink Baby Poodle is Parisian perfection! Hold down an external capability switch (not included) and she barks and takes a stroll while wagging her coiffured tail.
  • Sensory Special Offer
    Choose three of our bestselling sensory products and save! Each of these items provide hours of fun and multisensory stimulation and do not require an external capability switch. PLEASE NOTE:  You must identify three toys when placing a non-web order.
  • Let’s all sing with Mickey. Fans of Disney Junior's Mickey Mouse Funhouse will adore these Mickey Mouse plush toys.
  • Smooth Moves Sloth
    Lights, sounds and songs play while Smooth Move Sloth’s head moves side by side. Note: Switches not included.
  • Spinning Light Show
    Improved design! Activate your switch and behold stunning, multicolored light designs!